My view: Notes from the front row |

My view: Notes from the front row

Local Musings

Lean forward community. Every person, organization and in our case, community has a culture that describes the way in which they operate. Some communities lean forward others don’t. A perfect example happened the other day when the City Council voted 3-2 to delay the implementation of the plastic bag ban. This despite the fact there are dozens and dozens of communities throughout the state that have figured this out and have implemented the ban. This is nothing new and implementation sooner would allow small business to adjust before the state implements a ban but this council decided to lean back when the rest of the state is leaning forward. Why is this important? Because later in the fall this community will have the chance to elect three new council seats and I think it’s important to ask which candidates will lean forward for change and those who won’t.

City Manager Nancy Kerry provided what I think was the best most comprehensive review of the city fiscal situation I have ever see. You owe it to yourself as a citizen to watch it on the city website. What the city manager also did was finally articulate the importance of growing revenues in the south shore. That’s right, the city manager confirmed that private sector economic activity was not an evil concept, that there is an important need for business to grow their revenue and the city, while not able to create jobs and growth, can and should be a catalyst for growth. Growing the revenue is not evil. The better the economy grows the more opportunity local residents can have the more funds are available to meet the needs of the local community and, this is important, it does not mean we still can’t protect and steward the environment.

I hear fairly regularly from the old guard the city should just dissolve itself and let the county take over all its responsibilities like El Dorado County is the bastion of great local government management. Well it isn’t, the most recent El Dorado County Grand Jury report brings to light a dysfunctional county government that is beyond the pale

Interesting results for County supervisor, Sue Novasell and Kenny Curtzwiler will face off in November. Should be good; the School Board member vs. the biker. It will be interesting who can lay out in specifics not only what is needed but how they intend to accomplish it. This is not just a Meyer’s thing; the supervisor represents the West Slope, City, and West Shore residents alike. So pardon me if we want to see and hear more from the candidates beyond the Meyers Community Plan.

The Big Picture

Is anyone feeling like Iraq was just about a total waste? Why does the west continually try to make one country out of what should be three? The current day Iraq was drawn up on some Englishman’s map without, it seems, much regard to the culture, tribes etc. Please let’s move on.

Closer to home, the California economy seems to be moving along nicely and not a moment too soon. According to the Employment Development Department “out of 58 counties in California, 13 had unemployment rates above 10 percent in May, down significantly from the 24 that exceeded the gauge the prior month.” Coming off the weak winter season it’s critical the South Shore have a strong summer and fall.


Even if you are not a soccer fan the World Cup is worth checking out.

It’s a Wrap

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs in winning the NBA championship. They won with a TEAM approach to the game. We in South Shore can learn a lot from them.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at

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