Making words into actions; do something great for your community (opinion) |

Making words into actions; do something great for your community (opinion)

Devin Middlebrook
Tribune Opinion Columnist

Now, more than ever, our community is coming together and having meaningful conversations about the serious issues we all face. Whether it be affordable housing, the economy, jobs or local elections, collective conversations are taking place every day. These are big issues with no easy solutions and not everyone will agree on what to do, but we are sharing our ideas and that is a critical first step.

It is now time to take the second, and much larger, step toward creating solutions to the problems we face. We must now turn our words into actions.

This is already happening around the community — look at the success of Tahoe Mountain Lab in their new home on Harrison Avenue. They have created a space for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and diversify our economy. Remote workers bring in outside ideas, energy and money to our community; their contributions should not be overlooked. We will always be a tourist-based economy, but the digital age provides new opportunities to grow beyond our community’s physical limitations. Look at Ski Run Boulevard and what Chris McNamara and Corey Rich have envisioned for the area. The vision is for a real community downtown, and they are stepping up to the plate to make it a reality.

There has never been a better time to start a new business or venture at Lake Tahoe — our community is desperate for something bold and creative. It only takes one idea to start something great, create new jobs, and bring money to the community. You do not have to go at it alone and there are many resources available to help community members get started. We are all in the same boat — and when one of us thrives, we all thrive. As customers, support local businesses and pay the extra dollar or two for local products when possible.

In the political world, 10 candidates will be running for two seats on the city council for the City of South Lake Tahoe. While every candidate has a different background, view points and ideas for the community, each one of them is taking action. They are stepping up to the plate and doing something that can make a difference. Show your support by getting to know each candidate and voting on Nov. 8. It goes beyond city council; there are important races for other public offices including the school board and utility district board. Pay attention to these other races and vote for the person and their ideas, not just the name you recognize.

Now is your chance to take a leap of faith and do something great for this community. It will take the whole community to make our vision a reality. The world is changing around us, we must embrace this and make the change we want to see. If we fail to do anything, our community will become somewhere that I am not proud to call home.

Devin Middlebrook is the civic engagement committee chair for the Tahoe Regional Young Professionals. For comments, questions, or more information on how to get involved please email Devin at or visit

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