Neighbors oppose proposed boat storage site |

Neighbors oppose proposed boat storage site

by Timothy Bowman

The Lake Tahoe Conservancy Board heard arguments Friday about a land transfer between the Conservancy and the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association.

The TKPOA has been using a portion of land near the Tahoe Keys Marina as a corporation yard and boat storage since the 1960s. The land is on a lease from the Conservancy that expires in 2075. The original proposal was to move the corporation yard and boat storage to a 5-acre parcel of land at the corner of 15th and Eloise streets.

Tahoe Keys property owners argue the the current storage space is overcrowded.

“This project needs to be done,” said Keys property owner Jim Morris. “In our area there are trailers all over and it looks like a junk pile.”

The Conservancy wants the relocation because the current boat yard rests in an ecologically sensitive area. The proposed land is part of a settlement in a decade old lawsuit filed by TKPOA against the Conservancy over a land-rights dispute.

“We negotiated a litigation agreement with the Conservancy in 1991 to move the corporation yard and put it on a parcel adjacent to 15th Street,” said Debra Palmer, legal council for TKPOA.

Opposition to the move comes from residents of the Tamarack and Tahoe Island subdivision, which are adjacent to the proposed relocation site. They argue that the new site is just as environmentally sensitive and say the area is not zoned for commercial use.

“You’ve got fragile environmental land and you are going to try to rezone it to commercial use for the purpose of storing equipment,” said Will Smith, a homeowner near the proposed site. “They want that moved and it should be moved but it shouldn’t be moved to where they want.”

The Conservancy and TKPOA have come up with an new plan to relocate the corporation yard and boat storage with the Tahoe Keys Marina. TKPOA wants to place the boat storage yard in the marina, however, negotiations are continuing. The new plan to place the corporation yard would require an acre of the land in question. Homeowners in the area still dispute the idea.

“Today that land is zoned high-density residential,” said Tamarack homeowner, Ralph Herman.” (To rezone 1 acre) would be considered spot zoning. How are you going to zone a portion of property? I, too, am in favor of correcting the location, but this is the wrong place.”

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