New swimmers warm up to lessons in therapy pool |

New swimmers warm up to lessons in therapy pool

Sara Thompson

Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Emulating her heroine, Ariel, Darby Creegar likes to practice mermaid kicks while Karen Grant, a swim instructor, assists her.

Darby, 4, started swimming last year, and loves the water. She has participated in swim lessons before but just had her second lesson at Emerald Bay Physical Therapy.

Swim lessons started a couple of weeks ago, said Rick Alexander, clinic director. The clinic has offered lessons sporadically in the past but now wants to have consistent offerings.

The clinic still offers physical therapy and now has classes for the general public, with sessions for adults and children.

Darby’s father, Bernard Creegar, said the lessons’ one-on-one atmosphere is great for young children. Distractions are avoided since no one else is in the pool.

Emerald Bay Physical Therapy has the only heated therapy pool on the South Shore.

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The 91-degree water is 10 to 12 degrees warmer than a regular pool, Alexander said.

The warm water is great for long, low-intensity workouts, Alexander said. The water relaxes body tissue, allowing people to stay in the water longer.

Grant has taught swimming for 12 years and likes the facilities at the clinic.

“I’ve taught swim lessons when it’s snowed and rained, so this is great,” Grant said.

Classes offered include water familiarization, infant and toddler swim sessions, maternity water exercise, and regular water exercise classes.

The clinic is at 812 Emerald Bay Road. For more information, call (530) 542-2662.