New Tahoe Blue Vodka bottle reflects hues of lake

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The new Tahoe Blue vodka bottle.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Tahoe Blue Vodka is rolling out a colorful, eye-catching new bottle design that reflects the various blue hues of Lake Tahoe and highlights the brand’s ongoing commitment to preservation efforts. Since the inception of Tahoe Blue Vodka in 2012, the brand has undergone a series of bottle design refinements, but this latest creative is the most dramatic to date.

“We’re incredibly proud of our vibrant yet thoughtful new bottle design,” said Matt Levitt, founder of Tahoe Blue Vodka. “Aside from the fact that our new design boldly stands out on store shelves, we made some key aesthetic changes that will resonate with our loyal customers and excite an entirely new group of eco-friendly consumers.”

The new design incorporates the marvelous colors of Lake Tahoe and captures Levitt’s vision for the brand that allows consumers to escape to Lake Tahoe from wherever they may be.

In early bottle renditions, Tahoe Blue Vodka used frosted glass — which was trendy for premium vodka brands at the time  — and even highlighted a silhouette of the lake. After a consumer survey found 60% of Northern Californians and Northern Nevadans did not recognize the shape of their prized Lake Tahoe, the silhouette was dropped and the snow-capped mountains of Mount Tallac became more prominent in 2019.

The new bottle design moves away from the frosted glass trend and taps into the rich and unique colors of the waters along Lake Tahoe’s shoreline that range from Caribbean blue to deep indigo while the green undertone subtly reinforces an environmentally conscious focus for the brand. In addition, the brand is moving towards a screw-top closure that will debut in 2023. The actual bottle shape varies which is a direct result of glass availability given the massive disruption in the global supply chain impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Findings from another consumer survey conducted in 2020 found the new colors are preferred by a landslide and the updated bottle design has a dramatically higher purchase intent score.

When asked when the colorful new Tahoe Blue Vodka bottle will appear on store shelves in any given market or on the store shelves of a particular retailer, Levitt explained, “It is a challenge to predict. The roll-out is part of a distribution process dependent on when stores sell out of all the current product on their shelves and in their backrooms, and what stock is available by distributors.”  With that said, Levitt thinks by the end of the year is a realistic estimate for when the new bottles will be widely available for purchase by consumers.

Along with parent company Tahoe Spirits, Inc., Tahoe Blue Vodka has donated more than $200,000 of its proceeds to organizations that work to protect Lake Tahoe and its surrounding environment.

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