Nordic teams tear into February |

Nordic teams tear into February

Courtesy of Mark Hoefer South Tahoe High School's Chas Carlson skates to the finish at Tahoe Donner on Jan. 25.

It has been nearly 10 years since the high school and middle school Nordic ski programs have raced at the Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center, just north of Truckee, Calif. Racing returned there on Jan. 25, as Nevada Union High School and Alder Creek Middle School co-hosted freestyle (skate) races. Warmer temperatures made the course on the soupy side, and race day was like a cool drizzly day along the Oregon coast.

The high school races took place over a hilly two lap course, for a total distance of five km. More than 50 high school girls hit the course first, with varsity skier Katrin Larusson, of Sugar Bowl Academy, leading the way. Larusson won with a time of 15:33, just 30 seconds ahead of Hannah Halvorsen, of Truckee.

Cara Filce led the South Tahoe High School ladies varsity team with a 16th-place finish in 20:42.

The Vikings showed their strength in the open race by going one, two. Freshman Kylee Lyons won in 19:55, with freshman Alley Swain right behind st 19:58.

On the varsity boys’ side, the quickest skier of the day was North Tahoe’s Patrick McElravey, who covered the two laps in 13:56. He finished five seconds ahead of his teammate Shane Christian (14:01).

Junior Kyle Swain led the varsity Vikings with a 13th-place finish in 16:18.

In the open division, Ethan Rohlf, of Truckee, turned in a time of 17:14. Chas Carlson was the strongest Viking, finishing fourth (19:46).

Racing then moved onto the middle school teams, and the girls took to the course first. They skated a single lap course totaling thee km. Mia Winans, of Alder Creek Middle School in Truckee, finished first (11:22), but a mere few seconds separated first through fifth place.

For the South Tahoe Middle School Timberwolves, Alee Zaccor was the strongest skier, finishing in 24th place (13:39).

In the Middle School boys’ race, first place (9:33) went to Ryland Belisie, of Alder Creek. He finished nearly 40 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor, North Tahoe’s Cody Atwood.

For the Timberwolves, Kyle Ferguson was the fastest skier with a time of 13:07, good enough for 33rd place.

Nordic teams travel to Mammoth

A week later, the sun was shinning bright as the Nordic teams arrived at the Tamarack Lodge in Mammoth Lakes for the second classic (diagonal stride) race of the season.

Snow conditions had not improved, so klister (soft ski wax) was the word of the day for the high school teams.

The South Tahoe Middle School eliminated waxing all together by using waxless skis, many of which were provided by Scotty Shehadi of the “The Sportsman”, and Tyler Cannon’s ski rental.

Racing started with the high school boys this time. The course was two laps on a tricky route with plenty of short uphill climbs and downhill drops. This was an interval start race, so the racers were racing the clock. Evan Vomund, of Incline High, was the fastest skier of the day, covering the 5 km in 22:25.

South Tahoe’s Harley Norton grabbed second in 23:32.

“This was a very strong race for the Viking boys, as they finished second, third, fifth, sixth, seventh and eleventh in the varsity race,” coach Mark Hoefer said.

In the open division, Chas Carlson was the strongest Viking finisher, taking second in 28:55.

On the varsity girls’ side, Tara Gallant, of North Tahoe, navigated the same course in 27:28, which was more than 50 second ahead of her teammate Emily Nall (28:20).

For the Lady Vikings, Cara Filce was the strongest strider, finishing in fifth place (31:33). For the girls’ open race, Kerry Norton and Alley Swain had nearly identical times of 32:14, and were the Vikings top finisher in second and third respectively.

The middle school racers competed on the same course shaved to a 3 km single lap. The boys went off first, and Trace Calvin, of Mammoth Middle School, posted a winning time of 12:08. He was a few strides, time wise, ahead of Cameron Small, of Mammoth Independent, who came in second (12:18).

Kyle Ferguson, who placed 30th (17:04), led the South Tahoe Timberwolves boys’ team.

On the middle school girls’ side, the fastest skier of the day was Claire Lang-Ree, of Alder Creek, who blazed around the course in 13:43. This was nearly a minute ahead of the second place skier, Mia Winans, also from Alder Creek. Once again, Allee Zaccor lead the Timberwolves girls’ team, finishing in 15th place (16:27).

On Friday, the Nordic competition moved to North Tahoe High School, on a portion of the Tahoe X-C Center venue, just outside of Tahoe City.

Tahoe Donner Results:

High School Girls:


16 Carra Filce 20:43

18 Rebecca Novak 22:33

19 Christy Walowit 23:23

20 Janelle Spandau 23:25

21 Liana Novak 24:09


1 Kylee Lysons 19:55

2 Alley Swain 19:58

7 Riley Rettig 21:03

10 Emily Barnett 22:56

13 Hayley Chamarro 23:59

15 Kate Albrecht 24:36

19 Kate Carlson 26:17

25 Kristin Calderon 29:51

High School Boys:


13 Kyle Swain 16:19

15 Tyler Myers 16:28

18 Harley Norton 16:56

21 Paul Hoefer 18:12

24 Chase Stalter 18:43


4 Chase Carlson 19:46

9 Leighton Cook 23:41

10 Scotty Carlson 24:41

Middle School Girls:

24 Allee Zaccor 13:39

40 Jessie Brown 14:50

51 Claudia Janese 15:52

67 Kamren Gronwold 18:25

73 Kaitlyn Janese 19:53

76 Riana Bindel 20:43

77 Clarice Ferguson 21:08

78 Layne Hembree 21:21

79 Meg Carlson 21:21

82 Sio Cook 23:47

84 Sarah Carlson 25:27

Middle School Boys:

33 Kyle Ferguson 13:05

41 Christopher Hoefer 13:40

43 Freeman George 13:46

53 Max Morgan 14:28

57 Zach Calderon 14:48

58 Matthew Barnett 15:00

64 Max Muller 15:29

66 Nate Moffat 15:36

75 Jaxon Kennedy 16:04

80 Temugen Enkhbayar 16:52

87 Jeremiah Dahl 17:25

88 Forrest McCann 17:32

93 Calvin Holmes 18:39

94 Noah Shambaugh 18:44

98 Jon Paul Embry 21:34

Mammoth Results:

High School Girls:


5 Carra Filce 31:33

6 Rebecca Novak 31:35

8 Christy Walowit 33:31

9 Janelle Spandau 34:31

10 Liana Novak 36:39


2 Kerry Norton 32:14

3 Alley Swain 32:14

5 Kylee Lysons 33:52

9 Emily Barnett 35:30

22 Emma Sower 43:41

28 Kristin Calderon 52:50

High School Boys:


2 Harley Norton 23:32

3 Tyler Myers 24:27

5 Kyle Swain 25:22

6 Paul Hoefer 25:59

7 Orion Maxwell 26:01

11 Chase Stalter 29:26


2 Chase Carlson 28:56

14 Leighton Cook 35:14

19 Kellen Gronwold 38:12

Middle School Girls:

15 Allee Zaccor 16:27

40 Jessie Brown 19:11

60 Claudia Janese 21:47

62 Sophie Garett 22:15

63 Sarah Carlson 22:18

64 Kamren Gronwold 22:27

66 Meg Carlson 23:08

67 Kaitlyn Janese 25:09

71 Layne Hembree 28:34

72 Clarice Ferguson 28:45

73 Sio Cook 28:50

Middle School Boys:

30 Kyle Ferguson 17:04

46 Freeman George 18:58

47 Matthew Barnett 19:14

48 Christopher Hoefer 19:21

56 Jaxon Kennedy 20:14

60 Calvin Holmes 20:44

61 Max Morgan 20:45

68 Zach Calderon 22:17

71 Max Muller 22:40

72 Jeremiah Dahl 22:44

76 Forrest McCann 22:59

78 Temugen Enkhbayar 24:28

79 Jakob DeGregory 24:39

80 Nate Moffat 25:17

81 Jon PaulEmbry 26:13

82 Noah Shambaugh 26:27

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