Not enough accidents on street to qualify for stop sign |

Not enough accidents on street to qualify for stop sign

Residents on Lodi Avenue, upset about excessive speeders, are requesting stop signs from the city but the street does not meet the minimum traffic requirements.

Residents on the 25 mph street in the Sierra Tract are concerned about speeders using it as a short cut during peak traffic hours. One resident, Dave Burba, said they travel as fast as 60 mph.

Nearly 100 residents signed a petition requesting the city install multiple stop signs along the length of Lodi Avenue.

“One would not solve the problem at all – there has to be more than one stop sign,” said Ric White, who started the petition.

But the city engineering department is recommending against more stop signs because Lodi Avenue does not meet the proper criteria.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department has increased enforcement in response to resident complaints. Officers have given 30 warnings and speeding tickets this summer, said Cmdr. Rich McGuffin.

The police and city plan to meet in the near future to try to solve the problem.

“We’re working together with (the city) and the residents to try and come up with a viable solution to the problem,” McGuffin said. “It’s not a simple fix.”

But residents are not pleased with just more enforcement. Burba said he is glad the police are out there, but he does not see much of a difference.

“I see people go through there and blow their horn at the kids,” Burba said. “They won’t slow down. They just blow their horns, so kids get out of the way.”

Carina Johnson is fearful for the safety of her neighborhood.

“Someday, someone is going to get hit,” she said. “There are so many kids in the neighborhood. It’s the most dangerous thing I have ever seen.”

The city uses a national standard that requires a minimum of 1,200 cars on a street per day to warrant a stop sign, said city engineer Brad Vidro. Lodi carries 660 vehicles per day

Also, there must be at least two accidents in the last year deemed preventable by a stop sign. Vidro said Lodi has had two such accidents in the past 10 years.

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