Nothing was what it seemed at MTV taping |

Nothing was what it seemed at MTV taping

Dan Thrift/Tahoe Daily Tribune Jillian DeLallo

The music, the veejays, the celebrities, the look. Most of us at one time or another have watched MTV. There are a variety of shows on MTV, but to me the “live” countdowns and shows looked like the most fun and exciting because ordinary people are able to participate. I always thought it would be a fun experience to be on one of these shows.

Well, I was “recruited” by two good looking guys, Birch and Luciano, to be a part of “MTV’s Beach House: Summer on the Run” series here in Tahoe. So on a recent Thursday I was part of the audience for the filming of the MTV show.

It was not what I expected.

I was part of the afternoon taping of “Direct Effect.” VJ Vanessa was the on-air host. Taping was supposed to start around 2 p.m. but it actually started around 2:15 or 2:30 p.m. I was at the top of MTV’s pink RV in my white bikini with my friend Mahsa. We were stationed leaning on the rail of the RV. It was quite uncomfortable. Luckily the producers sent up some decently cute boys to keep us company.

OK, so the show begins, and we are motioned by producers to clap and scream and to look like we’re having fun.

For the first five minutes, it was fun. But it got old, fast.

I was responding to words I couldn’t even hear. Vanessa, the on-air veejay was using cue cards.

How unrealistic is that? I thought the veejays had some idea of what they had to say and then ad-libbed the rest. I guess I was wrong. And then, when Vanessa would make a mistake, all of us in the audience had to clap again, holler again and act like we are having the best time of our lives.

I sure wasn’t.

We had a few short breaks throughout the taping, and I noticed Vanessa made a quick outfit change. I guess we were taping another show. I really didn’t know what was going on.

The most interesting part of the show was when Vanessa was talking to some of the people in the audience on camera and one guy said he was from Tahoe.

I was sitting with his friends, and they said they were all from Southern California, not Tahoe. They said the producers told their friend what to say. Come on. At least get some true Tahoe folks saying they’re from Tahoe. How much more unrealistic can MTV get? Everything during the taping was basically fake. Nothing was as it once seemed.

Taping ended around 4:20 p.m. For all of our hard work we each received a shirt, beach ball, a package of Starbursts, Beach Blonde samples, Frizz-Ease samples and Ban deodorant. At least I got something out of the most boring two hours of my life.

The MTV crew was nice and some were even a bit flirty toward my friend and me. They made the filming a bit more tolerable.

Even though I really don’t know what shows I was on, they are supposed to air sometime this week beginning at 11 a.m. on MTV.

I hope you enjoy them more than I did.

– Offbeat writer Jillian De Lallo is a South Lake Tahoe High School graduate, a senior at San Diego State University and an editorial intern for the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

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