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Oliver Park GID chair steps down

Gregory Crofton

Oliver Park General Improvement District, which includes the properties between Lakeside Inn & Casino and Kahle Drive, is in search of leadership.

Jan Christensen, a resident of Tahoe Shores mobile home park, resigned her seat as chair of the district on Thursday at the Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting. Christensen asked the county to take over the district.

General improvement districts have the power to levy taxes and manage things like snow removal and water and sewer services.

“I have been chairperson for the last two years,” Christensen said. “I find I do not have the time it takes to do justice to the job … and I’m very tired of getting calls threatening me with lawsuits.”

Douglas County District Attorney Scott Doyle said that in the past the county dealt with a similar request from a general improvement district near Topaz Lake, at the south end of the county.

“We mailed notices to citizens at county expense, got a pool of candidates and made an effort to find people who had the time and energy to contribute,” Doyle said.

Or, Doyle said, the district could merge with another general improvement district or it could be dissolved and controlled by the county commissioners.

The commission decided to begin working to resolve the situation by meeting with the existing board of the Oliver Park General Improvement District on June 17 to discuss possible options.

“One general improvement district is asking us to do something; we want to do it right,” said Commissioner Bernie Curtis. “We should notify the board of other GIDs. Maybe they’ll have an interest in a merger of some sort.”

John McCall, a board member of Lakeridge General Improvement District, which includes 100 properties between Glenbrook and Skyland, said the possibility of the county taking over Oliver Park General Improvement District should be carefully considered.

“It’s hard to get people to be on boards and even once they’re on a board for them to spend time working for the community,” McCall said. “It could be an easy way out. The ramifications could be way beyond one small group not able to volunteer.”

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