One-of-a-kind Carrie Snow headlines Improv |

One-of-a-kind Carrie Snow headlines Improv

Howie Nave

How’s this for a title of your one-woman show: “7000 Sailors Can’t Be Wrong?” For as long as I have known Carrie Snow (beginning in San Francisco), she has been one of the most original acts, regardless of gender.

Back then her business card was the title that would be her solo show. Of course Carrie is an astute woman whose observations are always noteworthy. One of my sayings from her is: “Having a male gynecologist is like going to an auto mechanic who doesn’t own a car.”

In addition to her stand up, stage productions, television and movies (loved her in “The Aristocrats”), Carrie is also an author. Her book, “My Mom’s Meaner Than Your Mom: True Stories of Mean Mothers,” will be available shortly. And on top of all this, she still finds time to practice Anusara Yoga while trying to make the world a better place, one laugh at a time.

Carrie has been a veteran performer, having first paid her dues on the road like most comedians. To support herself while going to college (Cal Berkeley), Carrie was a receptionist at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland. To supplement her meager wages she began “professional party guesting,” which resulted in being handily escorted out of many fashionable homes in the Bay Area.

A harrowing stint as the emcee of an all-male strip show made Carrie dream of spending quality time with a man who could read a book without illustrations. From there Carrie hit the road, and opened for both Jack Jones and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the same decade.

In addition to the road, Carrie was seen regularly on television, doing every stand-up ensemble show from PBS’ “Comedy Tonight” (which she later hosted for two award-winning seasons), “An Evening at The Improv” (later hosting a BEST-OF episode), to guest hosting on shows such as “The Sally Jesse Raphael Show,” “Marilu,” “The Late Show,” “‘A’ List,” “Leeza,” Caroline’s and Comedy Central. Her original Comedy Tonight performance was nominated for a local Emmy Award but was beaten out by a dog show. Lots of prisoners wrote letters.

Appearing all this week through Sunday with Carrie Snow will be Jimmie “JJ” Walker. The format will be a bit different this week, as Walker will play host to the show, which is usually my role. Carrie will be the headliner, and I will be “featuring,” coming on in the middle. Wild, huh? Rumble …

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