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Opinion: Be a part of the solution in South Lake Tahoe

In my 10 years living here, I have noticed a deep disconnect. You are only a local if <insert list here>. I say, make yourself a local by taking action. This community is still experiencing the side effects of recession, changing travel trends, multiple years of drought, low wages and a growing number of dilapidated empty buildings. That is just the start of a long list. We need all the locals we can get to build this community. We need locals that are willing to take ownership of projects and work for change. We need locals that care about the future, and don’t want to be left behind as the world rapidly changes around them. We need locals that measure their “localness” by action and not by the number of years they’ve lived at Lake Tahoe.

There are a lot of complaints about what does and does not happen in our community. When a simple question like “What did you do help/stop it?” or “Did you vote?” is asked, a lot of blank stares and even a few angry words usually follow. Have you been to a local government meeting or written letters to the people that represent you in the decision-making process, or are you just ranting to anyone who will listen? My advice is to get involved in a way that makes sense for you. That might not be speaking up in a public forum, but it could be sending an email to an elected official or volunteering with a group that represents your beliefs. Maybe it’s building the next generation by helping in a classroom for a few hours a week, coaching a team or mentoring a co-worker.

We should not let a few angry individuals decide our future or intimidate us from participating. Organizations in this town need our help and our opinions need to be heard. It is time to step up and make changes. If you see a problem don’t just complain about it, become a part of the solution. Research a local cause, do something you believe in, and have the courage to help. You’ll be surprised what you discover groups are doing that make an impact, like the Tahoe Regional Young Professionals, Kiwanis, Soroptimist, Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, Tahoe Arts Project and Tahoe Prosperity Center. They all work in this community to help others and make changes.

We live in the most amazing place on Earth. Tahoe is an amazing year-round playground and the community can be just as amazing if we participate in it.

Amber Aneloski is a California girl born and raised that has been living the Tahoe dream for 10 years. I have been serving bacon and eggs to locals and visitors at Getaway Cafe for the last seven years, and I have also worked in the ski and wedding industries.

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