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Opinion: JoAnn Conner should apologize, not sue the city

Carl Ribaudo
Tribune Opinion Columnist


You may recall that councilwoman JoAnn Conner was banned from interacting with staff, censured by her fellow council members and removed from a number of committees representing the city. She has now decided to sue the city. Smart advice would have been to put this issue behind her as soon as possible. I can’t imagine how this whole thing would have turned out if the councilwoman would have admitted her mistake, offered a heartfelt apology to the public, her fellow council members and the city staff. That would have been the politically smart thing to do. By the time it’s all over this will be a costly taxpayer mess to say nothing of a ruined political career, a damaged image of the city and the drama the community has to go through. Decisions have impacts and how decisions get made tell you a lot about who is making them.

It now appears that a self-appointed group is looking to recall not only all five county supervisors, but also the district attorney and the county auditor. My question is — why stop there? Why not recall every elected official county-wide? I mean, really? Are there some bored people in the county? While I respect the right of citizens to recall elected officials for what I consider egregious behavior, this effort doesn’t measure up. There is a difference between a politician that has behaved badly, and perhaps illegally, who needs to go and a politician who makes decisions you don’t agree with. If the broad public is not pleased with the decisions and directions of these elected officials, then they can deal with them appropriately at the next election. This is, in my opinion, a waste of time and money. There is an old political adage from “The Prince” by Machiavelli — “If you are going to kill the king, then kill the king.” If this group falls short of their goal (and they should), it will be interesting to see the ramification for them.


Like many of you, I have kept one eye on the Republican debates. Despite all the headlines and the attention on Donald Trump, I still have not heard any new ideas. What is the plan for health care? Don’t know. Immigration? Nothing sensible yet. ISIS? Carpet bomb them. Really? Is this as good as it gets?

If you don’t like the news, buy the newspaper. That’s what billionaire Republican Sheldon Adelson did when his family bought the Las Vegas Review Journal. Who would take that paper seriously now?


Don’t miss Star Wars. I can remember seeing the original in 1977 in Steamboat Springs, where I was living at the time. It was a pivotal year for me and the first time I saw Lake Tahoe and vowed to move here. Who would have thought all these decades later the Star Wars franchise would be what it is? George Lucas is a genius.

If you haven’t seen the Lake Tahoe exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art, you still have time. It closes Jan. 10 and it’s not to be missed.


I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I also want to remind everyone that there are many in this community who need help and to give as much as you can to those with less. I want to thank all of you as well. Your comments and opinions are welcome. Thank you all so much.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing opinion columnist for the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Lake Tahoe. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.net.

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