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A sensible look at being sensitive

Sensitive is a lot in the news these days. It’s major talk in the presidential campaigns. Senator John Kerry wants a more “sensitive” war policy in Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney evidently thinks being “sensitive” may not be sufficiently macho. Yet President Bush thinks we should have a “sensitive” foreign policy.

With all this concern, I thought that it would be worthwhile to take stock of some personal proclivities for sensitivity.

For example:

I am sensitive about the often insane rants of talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Michael Weiner Savage.

I am sensitive about my wife’s allergy attacks.

I am sensitive about uncontrolled dogs that run loose and soil our yard.

I am sensitive about skateboarders tearing through shopping centers without regard for the safety of other people quietly going about their own business.

I am sensitive about supermarket checkers who sneeze or cough and then handle my groceries.

I am sensitive about keeping reasonable distances from the other guys when I am driving.

I hope that I am sensitive enough to my wife’s sensitivity to insect control sprays. But you’ll have to ask her.

I am sensitive when I watch medical personnel not use disposal can pedals, but instead lift the can lids by hand and then immediately handle otherwise sterile medical products or touch patients themselves.

I was sensitive when I watched the Yanks’ A Rod get deliberately hit by a pitch and then receive a five-game suspension because he defended himself.

I am sensitive when I hear Bill O’Reilly call his show “The No Spin Zone” and then twirl so fast he would make Baryshnikov envious.

I am sensitive about being called unpatriotic when I condemn the insensitivity of the Bush Administration for cutting veterans’ benefits while they continue to pour money into wealthy people’s tax accounts.

I am sensitive when I watch a movie that is saturated with gratuitous violence and four-letter words whose seemingly only purpose is to excite the audience with gratuitous violence and four-letter words. It doesn’t take me long to quit.

I am sensitive about groups and laws with titles than mean the opposite, as in “No Child Left Behind” leaving so many kids behind; “The Clean Air Act” promoting little to cleanse; “The Patriot Act” defying traditional patriotism; and “Swift Boat Veterans For Truth” (according to so many first-hand witnesses) being anything but truthful.

I am sensitive about appearing to be too sensitive. But I wrote this anyway.

– Michael Zucker is resident of South Lake Tahoe and a stockbroker with Brookstreet Securities Corporation.

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