Adults need to lead by (good) example |

Adults need to lead by (good) example

There is no denying that sports are a major part of our society. But at times what gets lost is that they are just games.

It is easy to get complacent when we live in such an idyllic land to believe that people’s actions are just as serene as the surroundings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This all became clear at a soccer match late last month. A parent had the audacity to come onto the field and yank the red ejection card from the referee’s hands.

There is no reason for a parent to ever behave in such a manner. It goes beyond any definition of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Undoubtedly there are bad calls at all levels of athletics. Emotions are going to run high whether you are the participant or the spectator. But the fact remains that everyone has a role to play.

A parent’s role, assuming he is not coaching, is to be encouraging to his child and the team. It is the coach’s job to coach — which includes speaking to officials about questionable calls.

If the dispute is not resolved to the liking of all involved, there is always the opportunity to go to league officials.

We are well aware that the Tahoe Daily Tribune has not covered every inappropriate action of parents. We can only cover what we know about. We happened to be at the particular soccer game in question.

We will continue to cover stories that go beyond the game. We have the responsibility to report the news — good and bad.

Clearly what happened on the soccer field was bad behavior. What kind of message do such parental outbursts send to our children? When we do not like the way something is going, are we telling our kids that getting in the face of authorities is way to resolve a conflict?

In this particular case, the fallout was that the players thought it was a good idea to give an insulting cheer to the ref. Clearly, bad behavior of a parent was imitated by the team.

People learn by example. As adults we need to be setting a good example.

The soccer game already made headlines in the Tribune; we would hate to think our town would make national headlines because a disgruntled adult lost control of his emotions and the subsequent actions were more violent than pulling a red card.

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