Airport will make a great City Hall |

Airport will make a great City Hall

Pat Ronan

Around 10 years ago, the city manager forgot to renew the lease on the city offices and, because of that, the city had to sign a new lease right away or move. They had no time to find another location so they signed and for the past nine years have been paying a lot more money to use the same buildings. Since that time we have gone through many City Council members and a couple of city managers and with the current lease almost up it appears they have come up with a new home for the city offices just in time.

As we know in Tahoe, 10 years to plan and get permits for a new building is about average (except for the TRPA which somehow did it in less than a year), so what did the city come up with for their new offices? The airport terminal. Sound odd? Maybe not as odd as you might think.

First of all they own the building already. Since no one is using most of it, it makes sense to occupy the empty space. Second, if they use the existing structure wisely, they can save a fortune in reconstruction costs.

So how can they do this? Well, what is there fits their needs pretty well.

If you need help with redevelopment just check in at the Frontier counter.

For future upgrade projects like bike paths, sidewalks, gutters and planning, try the Horizon counter.

Help for general services or information, the Alaska counter.

For immigration or labor laws… the Mexicana counter.

Marketing, special events, etc. from the BID, try the Jet Blue counter.

Job availability with any of the seven unions the city deals with, try the United counter.

Want to get the opinion of a City Council member on any subject, try the Ted counter.

So what about the tough issues ranging from resurfacing streets, filling potholes, buying new snow removal equipment, funding the employee health and pension plans? Where do we go to deal with all of those problems? All I can say is we are very lucky that terminal has a really big baggage area.

– Pat Ronan is a South Tahoe resident.

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