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Letter: An alternative to hiring a VHR monitoring firm (opinion)

Watching the SLT City Council from Meyers would be entertaining if it wasn’t for their frittering away my tax money.

With their new VHR rules they couldn’t wait to hire another outside firm to “monitor” the non-permitted VHRs. After all, it would only cost about $196,000 per year like it did in Placer County. Hmmm, how many potholes would that fill? Why not spend a couple of hundred dollars making up small unobtrusive signs that would be issued to each permit holder to be posted at the permitted address visible from the street. And, maybe each council member could drive around the city one weekend a month to see what was going on in the city.

The presentation by Host Compliance “received an overwhelmingly positive response from the City Council.” Of course it did, the council’s only joy seems to coming from hiring consultants and outside companies to do what could be accomplished by the city staff with a little thought and leadership.

Harold Parks

Meyers, California