Art shows keep artists here |

Art shows keep artists here

Ann Thennes
South Lake Tahoe

In regards to the art and craft shows at the “Y”. I am a local artist who does these shows. The promoter of these shows helps the Tahoe economy in a big way. He is a huge supporter of the Tahoe Art League, which in turn supports art in the schools programs, gives local artists a place to show and sell their art and gives out grant and scholarship money to local kids.

That’s just a few of the things the art league does with their support. For me, doing these shows allows me to stay in Tahoe. That’s big. Many of the vendors, crafters and artists are from Tahoe and the surrounding area. They stay at local motels, shop, eat and spend money here.

They recommend restaurants to visitors, things to do, and tell them what’s going on in town. The locals and visitors who attend these shows are happy to do so. There are both types of booths, ones that can be found at all the other shows and the ones that offer original and creative art or craft.

There is something for everyone. From the $2 puppet and face painting for your kids, to the one-of-a-kind art pieces. For me, I’d rather see an art and craft show than an empty parking lot.

They truly do help support this community in a lot of different ways.