Ask Tessie: What should I do about all the negativity on Facebook? |

Ask Tessie: What should I do about all the negativity on Facebook?

Ask Tessie
Tahoe Tessie

Dear Tessie,

I can’t handle the negativity on Facebook anymore — and I’m not just talking about the political soapboxing from my friends on both ends of the political spectrum. The worst is the complaining from people in the various local Facebook groups. They seem to use it as a platform to be out-right mean and people just pile on. Sometimes disagreements on minor issues turn into personal attacks and it gets nasty. Should I just drop out of these groups?


Can’t Handle the Trolls

My buds at the Tahoe Daily Tribune are quite familiar with what you speak of, though I just tend to avoid Facebook altogether to preserve my sanity.

My esteemed (also highly intelligent and very good-looking) coworkers would never stoop to the level of engaging with the negative comment threads on the Facebook pages they regularly monitor for news leads or the comments on their articles that make them want to walk away from their computers in search of a strong drink (I’m looking at you, Mr. Typo Report!).

But in my infinite wisdom, I would ask you this: Are you happier after having read one person’s entitled rant about never returning to a restaurant because he was not given a local’s discount? Do you love your life more after scoring a 100 percent on the “How Well Do You Actually Know Lake Tahoe Slang?” quiz that’s been circulating?

On the other hand, how else would you be able to follow the tear-jerking drama of one owner’s search for her elusive white ferret? Or know you can order donuts online and have them delivered FOR FREE after scrolling through three consecutive pictures of Glazed and Confuzed’s bomb donuts and drooling on your desk a little bit?

It’s a toughie.

Dear Tessie,

This is my first spring in South Lake Tahoe, and I’m nervous about the bears that have now emerged from hibernation. I’ve heard stories about people bumping into them while texting, and even ones of them breaking into homes. I know that black bears are supposed to be scared of humans, but I still feel like I could use some tips on how to handle myself.


Bear With This Newcomer

Let’s start with an easy one: Do NOT take a selfie with a bear. On second thought, if you really feel the need to take a selfie, then definitely do it. Even though black bears aren’t known to be violent (cue emails galore from the Bear League), maybe natural selection will take its course and the world will be a better place. Is that mean to say? Oh well.

Now, let’s chat about garbage, since we all know it’s a favorite snack for our bear homies.

It amazes me how often I see a full public garbage can with trash sitting next to it. Some jabroni thinks it’s OK to leave his Taco Bell bag near the receptacle after shoving a Cheesy Gordita Crunch down his gullet just because it happens to be full. Not cool, man. Find another one!

Same goes for you, vacation home renters. You may not have bears near your Pinterest-themed apartment in the Marina, but that doesn’t prevent you from having some common sense. Whole Foods’ bags are not bear-proof.

Lastly, just because you saw an adorable viral video of a mama bear and cubs swimming at Pope Beach does not mean you should invite them into your kayak. Or do. Again, your choice.

Tahoe Tessie is a humorous take on the standard advice column. It is produced by the Tribune staff, and it is not meant to be taken literally. Have a question you want to ask Tessie? Send it to

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