Ask Tessie: What’s the best pizza in town? |

Ask Tessie: What’s the best pizza in town?

Dear Tessie,

I’ve noticed a trend here in Tahoe where people refuse to go places that are outside of a 2-mile radius from their house. They will wait for an hour to get first chair at the lift, but won’t drive 15 minutes to Verde in Meyers. What gives? Is there something in the water?


Let’s Be Real I’m One of Those People

As a creature who lives underneath Cave Rock, I know all about this problem. I’m only 15 minutes from town, but my friends act like I live in Scotland.

Listen, when you move to South Lake you have to take this all into consideration when you pick where to live. If you decide to live by the Y, you will never see the casinos again. If you decide to live in Meyers nobody will ever see you again (or be able to reach you on your cell). If you decide to live in Stateline, certain candidates for political office will talk about you like you are made of radioactive waste because they don’t really get the idea that we are all one community. If you live in Midtown, bafflingly, you are too far for anyone to come visit you, even though you’ll be right smack in the middle of town.

Basically, we’re all lazy turds.

People move to Tahoe because they want that small-town feel. With that small-town feel comes the idea that everything should be close by and easy to get to. Unfortunately, the founding fathers of South Lake did not share your quaint vision. They skipped their urban planning class and created an area that only had one single road that goes all the way through town, thus concentrating congestion along the South Shore’s only real commercial zone.

So when someone doesn’t want to go to Meyers to meet you at Verde, they are remembering that time this past winter when Interstate 80 was closed during a snowstorm on a Sunday so all the Bay Area ski traffic had to come through town and it took three hours to get from the Keys to Meyers. Don’t blame your friends for not wanting to drive. Blame the people who planned out the South Shore.

Dear Tessie,

As Lake Tahoe’s oldest local, answer me this: Where can you grab the best slice on the South Shore?


Hold The Anchovies

First off, anchovies are amazing. They are salt-water fish, but every once in a while I spot one in Tahoe swimming around and those little guys are tasty as hell. I digress. When it comes to food in Tahoe it’s not tough to find great hamburgers, great sushi and great pizza, so picking the best pizza place is going to be tough.

Instead of picking just one place, I’ll give you a few options and encourage you to give them all a try, because I’m generous like that. First off, if you’re one of those losers who is especially picky about what types of food you put in your body, check out Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. They do gluten free and vegan cheese options (barf) along with their normal pizza fare. For a real winner order a pizza on their corn crust dough. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you want a great pizza at a place that also has a good beer selection hit up Blue Dog. Addressing the first question in this column, they have a couple of locations so you won’t have to travel all the way across town to get to one. Pro tip: Show up on a full moon night to get $10 pizzas.

Finally, if you want a place that’s a little more lively and a lot more hectic, check out Base Camp Pizza in Heavenly Village. Prepare to wait for three hours, but while you wait for a table you can grab a beer and show off what you really spent all your time doing in college by playing a game of corn hole while yelling at your friend who is a foot away because the musician has their amp cranked up way too loud. But hey, the pizza is second to none.

Really, though, you all missed out. The best pizza used to come from my friend Mario back in the ‘50s. Mario made some of the best pizza outside of Napoli and would bring it right to my place at Cave Rock. We’d eat some slices and reminisce while I went around scaring adults and children alike by my mere presence. Ah, memories!

Tahoe Tessie is a humorous take on the standard advice column. It is produced by the Tribune staff, and it is not meant to be taken literally. Have a question you want to ask Tessie? Send it to

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