Auction results: $2,510 for Katrina relief |

Auction results: $2,510 for Katrina relief

A sincere thanks goes out to all of those who submitted bids to the Tahoe Daily Tribune auction to benefit disaster relief efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina.

During a week of online bidding at for six donated items, we received pledges totaling $1,255. We will contact the winning bidders, who will make their checks out directly to the American Red Cross when they retrieve their items.

Sierra Nevada Media Group, parent company of the Tahoe Daily Tribune, is matching the bids dollar-for-dollar to raise the total donation to $2,510. The company is also running an advertising promotion to raise more charity funds through each of its seven local newspapers.

Although the Red Cross, when all is said and done, will likely raise more than $1 billion in donations, it will use the money to continue important work. Right now the organization is providing up to 500,000 meals a day, according to news reports. That’s an expensive undertaking.

Special thanks goes to the auction winners: Cameron and Susan Falls who bid $500 for the services of a personal chef and $130 for a year subscription to the newspaper; Karen Miner, who bid $300 for a donated hand-knit sweater; and Jerry Goodman and Kevin Kjeer, who bid $125 and $200, respectively, for year subscriptions to the newspaper.

The fund-raiser could not have happened without donations from Jay Marvin, Karen Johnson, Doreen, Steve and Kevin Carney, Kathy Zduniak, and Solveig Olsen.

Although some items did not receive bids exceeding the auction reserve, we still appreciate the donations. The South Tahoe community has again shown its generosity by giving help when it is needed most.

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