Back up the liberty boast |

Back up the liberty boast

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Kudos to the Tahoe Daily Tribune for having the courage to take a stand for equality. As a taxpaying lesbian, I feel it is time equal rights, not special rights, be moved forward for the same sex couple who have committed themselves to each other or for those who would like to have their relationship and commitment solemnized and recognized legally. Other countries in Europe have done so for several years and report no adverse reaction. It seems to me America for all it’s boasting and adherence to the credo of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, could and should insure the basic right of marriage for all people, not just those who fit into the religious right’s definition of “marriage.”

To writer who thinks that same sex couples shouldn’t be allowed equal rights because our abhorrent sexual practices drives up health insurance cost, I would say that you are mistaken about a great many things, not the least of which is the very complicated equation of what drives health care costs. While I don’t deny HIV/AIDS is expensive to treat, the most at- risk group right now for contracting HIV/AIDS is not gay men in committed relationships. It is heterosexual men and women between 18-25 years of age having multiple sex partners. All that said, the issue of bestowing equal rights to marriage for same-sex couples and what drives health care costs really are two separate issues.

For those who want more information on legislative happenings concerning this issue, contact the human rights

Margaret Wattle

South Lake Tahoe