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Letter: Be sure to vote in upcoming election (opinion)

The end of an election cycle. Anyone ready for the election to be over? By the time we reach the election we are inundated with calls, mailers, advertisements and the all too familiar hit pieces. Why is it that we are so willing to believe the sensational and hateful comments?

Did you know that when you run for public office you no longer have the same protections regarding libel and slander? Anyone can say anything against you without fear of having to pay a price for lying. I urge voters not to pay attention to these obvious attacks that only happen to people who are in a position to win over an incumbent or truly connected people.

I have recently heard of these hit pieces being repeated, sent or printed against many candidates that go against the grain of the established kingdoms. Whenever you see these pieces, remember that the reason these people are being “hit” is because they have a lot of support, and the competition is afraid of losing.

Instead, thoughtfully consider the positive and negative side of the candidates from an observers point of view — not the emotional and hate-filled hit pieces.

Elections are an essential part of our Democracy. If we don’t participate, we will eventually lose our freedoms.

Be sure to vote.

Gerri Grego

South Lake Tahoe California