Becker is best bet for judgeship |

Becker is best bet for judgeship

There is a certain learning curve that is expected with any new job. Whoever becomes judge in Office 6 of El Dorado County Superior Court will need that curve because of the lack of judicial experience.

David Becker, a private attorney, and James Wagoner, assistant district attorney, both have skills that would make for a good judge. We believe it is Becker who will be a better judge.

We believe he will hit the job running, despite his criminal law experience being from years gone by. His scope is broader than Wagoner’s. Wagoner has spent the last 8.5 years in the district attorney’s office.

Becker has spent the last 13 years in Placerville trying mostly civil cases, with an emphasis on probate, family, business and juvenile law.

It was the six years prior to his private practice that he was a naval attorney trying civil and criminal cases. We agree when he says that his experience in representing the guilty and those wrongly accused gives him insight that will be indispensable on the bench.

He has seen firsthand the type of justice Japan hands out. It gives him the respect a judge must possess to administer fair justice in the United States.

Becker has the demeanor, poise and professionalism we expect of a judge, without the arrogance and haughty attitude some legal scholars possess.

He is a firm believer in the Constitution — realizing he should not have the power to amend it from the bench.

Although he knows innocent people are on death row, he will uphold the law of California. But he would approach a death penalty case conservatively and with caution.

Wagoner said he would not take such a case lightly, but certainly believes it should be in the arsenal of punishments.

Both candidates, who are facing each other in the Nov. 5 run-off election, believe there needs to be changes made to how the courts in El Dorado County are being run. But Wagoner only wants to swap courtrooms on occasion, whereas Becker believes in total reform. He believes judges should regularly be hearing cases of all kinds — which is not happening now.

This in turn would help California move from 43rd place out of the 58 counties when it comes to rankings for court processing.

Becker has the skills, personality and experience to be a judge. He should be elected to Office Six of the El Dorado County Superior Court.

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