Cable company cuts California |

Cable company cuts California

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Do you live in Meyers/Tahoe Paradise?

Do you feel disenfranchised by your cable company?

Do you wish you could actually get “California” news, elections results, weather?

Well, apparently not for a while yet. According to my phone call to Charter Communications they are still in the “negotiating” stage in regards to getting KCRA & PBS out of Sac back on line – our only local California stations!

Does it make you want to scream?

Well, why don’t we – here are the addresses you can write to, phone numbers to call – let Charter Communications, your representative Dave Solaro, the El Dorado Co. Franchise Authority representative, and your local phone company, SBC know how very unhappy you are with the situation.

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Why SBC do you ask? According to Charter that’s who they are “negotiating” with. There seems to be some territorial behavior going on regarding getting the lines from South Lake Tahoe to Meyers to carry these channels. It’s been 4 months now – how long will these “negotiations” take – I’d say till hell freezes over, but since we can’t get a good weather report, we may not know when that happens.

SPEAK UP and let them know how you feel. All together, our voices count.

Charter Communications -1-888-954-8484

Dave Solaro 9 (530) 573-3411

Franchise Authority: El Dorado Liaison Office (530) 642-4947 (2441 Headington Rd., Placerville, CA 95667

Pacific Bell Company Headquarters – 1-800-303-3000

Missy Springer

South Lake Tahoe