California is a joke to the world |

California is a joke to the world

The R’s have it — that is if one buys into the idea people cast votes based on the order the names appear on a ballot. A lottery was conducted a week ago to determine the order of the nearly 200 candidates running for governor of California.

If Gov. Gray Davis is recalled on Oct. 7, he would be the second governor to be booted from office. North Dakota has the dubious distinction of ousting its governor in 1921. He ended up in the Senate a year later, so based on history it is too soon to say Davis’ political career is over.

It is odd that by the time the recall rolls around it will have been less than a year that Californians elected Davis to his second term. He won with 47 percent of the vote in an undisputed election.

There is no question he has mismanaged the state. There is no question he is more interested in money than the good of the average citizen. Some might even say he is a crook with his policy that requires a person or organization to pony-up money before he will open his office door.

So much for representing all of the people.

But we elected him and should live with our choice until the “normal” election rolls around in 2006. Davis has done nothing more egregious in his limited second term than he did in the first. Why the recall?

California is the laughing stock of the world. Yes, the world. This recall is making headlines from coast to coast and beyond.

Then the man who spearheaded this farce — Daryl Issa — backed out of the race after spending nearly $2 million of his money. Something smells fishy.

California had a B actor as a governor before. Do we really want another one? Though it is intriguing to have a moderate Republican be such a thorn in the side of the conservative wing while at the same time married into the very Democratic Kennedy clan.

While it is a nice theory to think the people have the power to force a recall, we have created a mockery of the system. Yes, big-money politics have corrupted all levels of government. But when someone needs only a few thousand dollars and less than 100 signatures to get onto the ballot, we are not doing anyone any good.

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has already said he is prepared to launch a recall of the governor who takes office in October — assuming a Democrat does not retain the office. State law does not prohibit one recall after another. This is not what recalls are supposed to be about. This is an abuse of the system.

There is every likelihood that if Davis is recalled, the next governor of the Golden State could be elected with 20 percent or so of the votes.

This election is costing millions — and to what end? A few million here and there would certainly solve many of the financial problems on the South Shore.

When you go to vote on Oct. 7, take a hard look at what you are endorsing. It is hard to say don’t vote, but at the same time voting seems be an endorsement of this foolish recall.

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