CCC a luxury we can’t afford |

CCC a luxury we can’t afford

Tahoe Daily Tribune

With a budget of 1.2 million and 70 corpmembers here in South Lake Tahoe the taxpayers are paying a whopping $17,000 per CCC corpmember for their services — almost three times what California pays per pupil for education. Part of their work is trail cleaning, light bulb retrofitting, and emergency response to fires, floods and earthquakes. They are housed and fed on Echo Summit by the State of California. Apparently our legislators put a premium on these services otherwise would they really pass budgetary muster in our current budget crisis? These services are already more than adequately covered by other government agencies like USFS, CDF, California State Parks, Tahoe Conservancy, California National Guard, etc. It is very unclear whether the CCC is meeting it’s job training and educational goals. Could it also be that the CCC is taking jobs away from the private-sector and stifling economic growth? The idea of a “Conservation Corps” is an nostalgic New Deal ideal but is it really needed in 2003 at this high cost? We simply cannot affort this luxury when state funds are so scarce.

Jeff Morales

South Lake Tahoe