Christian beliefs are based in tolerance |

Christian beliefs are based in tolerance

June E. Hoffman, South Lake Tahoe

Regarding Keith Endlich’s letter, which mentions my name, OK, Keith (Jan. 21-23): So what is it about you that you object all the time to me writing on the editorial page? I think it is perfectly OK that you write here!

First of all, give us a break. We could do without long tirades about establishment of religion in America. It’s 200 years already, that we have none. Read again though, what you quoted from our First Amendment rights – we have complete freedom to express our religion in America. We are not, please note, a “separation,” but we are “inclusive” in character.

This structurally is a Christian tenet. There was no vacuum in governing without government religion; simply a transfer of governing to the will of our people. So it is the sole responsibility of “the people” to oversee our public schools. We are given the right to exercise our individual religions all over the place, not, as you seem to think, only in our homes and churches.

But Christian tenets are based on tolerance – look at the statue of Liberty. It says come – to the oppressed – to opportunity in freedom. Atheism is not based on tolerance – no form of totalitarian government is. We had lots of takers. But you must absorb the fullness of the definition of “tolerance” to wash away your questions.

“Tolerance” means: “To bear; to sustain; not to interfere with; allow; to recognize; to respect, without (my underline) the need to share someone’s belief; and to put up with someone not especially liked.” That gives union.

My days in public schools verify the healing of our nation’s god placed in practical application forms, given to the benefit of the many various religious beliefs surrounding mine. It’s called “love,” friend.

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