City Hall at Bijou park is unthinkable |

City Hall at Bijou park is unthinkable

Letters to the editor

This letter is in response to the proposed plan for the new city hall to be built on the front nine holes of the disc golf course.

My first reaction was one of disbelief. I thought to myself, what (if anything at all) could they be thinking?

I’ve been in Tahoe for 21 years on June 15. I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous in my entire time in this beautiful town!

When I sent my 15-year-old daughter back to our home state of Missouri in 1989, one of her biggest arguments for going back was “There’s nothing to do out here, unless you’re old enough to go to the casinos!” I think you people should stop for a moment and think about this!

That disc golf course is one of the only things that kids can do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

If you take that away from them, you know what’s going to happen? We’re going to have kids that are out gangbanging, “tagging,” and vandalizing businesses and private property as well!

Hello! Is there anyone out there who really cares about the kids in our town or is that all just “lip service?” It seems to me that if there really is that much concern for the well-being of our young people that there would be more things being built for their recreation instead of taking away what little they already have.

Way to go, city fathers. That’s the way to show the members of our younger population exactly how much you truly care!

Bruce and Theresa Fullerton

South Lake Tahoe

To the editor:

An open letter to John Roush:

In Wednesday’s paper you had a half-page ad to introduce the community to your new Heavenly Village Cinema.

We’re hoping that this will be more than “Wallace-upscale,” that is, the same mediocre selection in better surroundings.

It is about time that Tahoe is treated to thought-provoking foreign and arts films, winners of international film festivals, films with some meat on them.

You have enough screens in your new theater to devote one of them full-time to such fare.

We were in Sacramento last week. There, we saw the movie “Osama,” from Afghanistan. This remarkable movie details life under the Taliban, especially the degrading treatment of women. We went away with a better understanding of how difficult a task it is to bring democracy to people who have no understanding of what it is.

Tahoe deserves higher-class fare at the cinema. It’s up to you!

William D. Bandes

Zephyr Cove

To the editor:

The 1996 El Dorado County General Plan was rejected by the courts, by initiative and by unanimous vote of the planning commission.

The Board of Supervisors’ recent approval re-opens the county land-use wars and spurs anger across the political spectrum.

Planning staff prepared a range of alternatives, and the planning commission unanimously recommended the “environmentally constrained” version. While allowing growth equivalent to the 1996 Plan, it condenses the sprawl, resulting in more open space.

However, Tahoe residents in District 5 (Supervisor Dave Solaro) have land-use decisions made by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. District 3 (Supervisor Jack Sweeny) includes the incorporated city of Placerville, and Diamond Springs/El Dorado, (which is largely planned). District 2 (Supervisor Helen Baumann) includes portions of Tahoe (Meyers), south county (with little growth potential), and a corner of El Dorado Hills. Her 2003 election campaign ran against the 1996 General Plan, but she has betrayed her supporters.

District 1 Supervisor Rusty Duprey offered wavering opposition to the 1996 Plan, while District 4’s Supervisor Charlie Paine has firmly opposed it.

Good planning should prepare for population growth and provide for schools, fire protection, sheriffs, water and parks. But homes rarely generate taxes sufficient to build and maintain services. Land-use battles weaken and divide the county when we should be pulling together for record budget deficits.

Ray Griffiths


To the editor:

Tastes great. Less filling. Tastes great. Less filling. So goes the old beer commercial. I don’t think there was ever a winner in this debate. Same with Measure L. Both sides were right and both sides were wrong.

It was a badly conceived measure for a great cause.

Bridey Heidel, an awesome young teacher in our district, and Ed McCarthy, a longtime community business leader and school supporter, are both right and both wrong.

So where do we go from here?

If it was my business, I’d start with the leadership of the school district. Ms. Sheerhorn has done an awful job of financial management in leading this district and an even worse job in selling the Measure L campaign to this community. As the CEO of this organization, she has received a vote of no confidence from her shareholders and needs to step down. I would.

Secondly, I would appoint a team of teachers, parents and business leaders (including the time-share industry) to sit down and draft a measure that all can support.

We don’t need to point any more fingers. We need to fix the problem and do it fairly.

John A. Hash

South Lake Tahoe

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