Combat veteran supports John Doolittle |

Combat veteran supports John Doolittle

Dale L. Sare

Enough already. I am sick of the mud and the filth that have been thrown at John Doolittle. I have never written a letter to the editor in support of a political advocate in the 29 years that I have lived at Tahoe; however, the garbage that has been thrown against John Doolittle is just too much to bare.

I have known John Doolittle and his family since before he was first elected to the House of Representatives. I have known John Doolittle to be a man of honesty and integrity. John’s door has always been open to his constituents, both Republicans and Democrats. John has fought hard for his constituents, especially veterans. I know for a fact that he has helped hundreds of veterans with their problems at the Veterans Administration and with their retirement, including yours truly. John, with President Bush, in his first term helped to amend the manner in which disabled veterans who also had a government retirement, had to deduct their disability payments from their regular retirement pension. This has literally helped millions of veterans cope during their retirement years.

When the IRS was attempting to force the American Legion to sell its property to pay for penalties and interest that were caused by our treasurer becoming terminally ill, John Doolittle was there for the Legion and its veterans and intervened with the IRS, keeping the American Legion intact. John has personally assisted several of our local graduates enter different military academies. He has intervened against special interest groups that tried to restrict local access to our forests. He has championed the individual property rights against big government. His open door policy is admirable.

The personal attacks by the Tribune and Mr. Waldie are obviously an attempt to paint John Doolittle with a dirty brush. It should be noted that John Doolittle has not been indicted, nor have there been any charges verified against him of any wrong-doing. The Tribune uses as its source the national media. My, don’t we all believe that the national media is unbiased. Mr. Waldie, who is an extreme environmentalist and who was on the TRPA, has a personal vendetta against John Doolittle in that Rep. Doolittle has held Mr. Waldie and the TRPA accountable for their actions on numerous occasions.

I believe in John Doolittle and I believe that he has performed well as our representative. That is why my family and I are voting for him and why I hope the local veterans are not brainwashed by these flag-waving mud-slingers. I am a combat veteran who served in Vietnam with the Third Reconnaissance Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corp. I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Brown, however, his supporters have been violating the local political sign ordinance with impunity. They have posted Mr. Brown’s signs on public property and on property lines. If his supporters are not concerned with the local political ordinance before election, what makes us believe they will be concerned with the law if Mr. Brown wins? But, enough negativity already. I hope and pray John gets re-elected so that he may continue with his service to El Dorado County and its citizens.

– Dale L. Sare is an attorney in South Lake Tahoe.

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