Controlling the uncontrollable |

Controlling the uncontrollable

One of the primary tasks of any government is to control the voracious appetites of the behemoths that refuse to be controlled! In fact, this sworn political mandate goes all the way back to the Sherman Anti-trust Laws of 1890, and even before that! Unfortunately, however, some major corporations, and individuals alike, now consider themselves to be far above the feeble control of the people, or even the people’s government, in my opinion! In other words, the people themselves have digressed to the point where they willingly accept flagrant political transgression without so much as a legal whimper of indignation? Can even The First Amendment survive such a relentless assault against all that even Our Forefathers once considered sacrosanct?

For the record (and ever since time infinitum): “No despot, control freak, or even ambitious politician, has ever been content to feast upon but a single slice from the loaf of freedom!”

And what was it that Adolf Hitler (roughly) said back in those years that directly preceded the Second World War: “If granted but one more concession, I will make no more territorial demands” – and the rest is now tragic (and bloody) world history!

H. Rick Tavares


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