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Letter: Go-go dancer criticism example of destructive ‘feminism’ (opinion)

When I heard about the controversy over the use of go-go dancers at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival (TAFF), I was more than concerned. I was distressed. I am a grandmother, a feminist and a member of the recently vocal #METOO club. I grew up in the ‘60s watching the women’s rights movement and the civil rights movement change the world.

I am on the side of doing right by all oppressed people everywhere, and the attacks on Todd and the TAFF are an affront to all of us who hold these values dear.

Todd is not an oppressor. He is not a misogynist. I met him and his lovely family last spring. I got to know them fairly well. I am shocked at the level of vitriol aimed at him and coming from some people who believe themselves to be “feminists.”

Women are attacked all the time by those who wish to bring them down. This is not something that Todd would do, in my opinion. I believe, on the other hand, that the attack on the dancers in the show was a blatant attempt to put them down. This was not done by Todd, but by his accusers. Self-aggrandizing media blitzes attacking innocent people is not feminism, it’s cruelty.

I watched Gloria Steinem grow in the movement. God bless her, she’s in her 80s and still giving back. She would cringe at the thought of singling out one man with false accusations just to make a feminist point.

You see, feminism includes integrity. It includes grace and consideration for both sexes. It includes careful consideration of the facts before statements are made. Otherwise, it is a disservice to your feminist sisters who have worked hard to keep a movement alive and not be besmirched by crackpot accusations that are patently false. It makes us all look bad.

Todd is a good man. He cares about others. I am a feminist. I denounce the attacks on him in the name of feminism.

This grandmother has seen “the real thing” and it’s not what’s happening in Tahoe right now. There is currently a groundswell of support all over the world for all kinds of survivors: those who have been assaulted physically, mentally, in the workplace and in schools and churches. The movement includes men and women who are working hard to make the world a better place for our children and our grandchildren.

Besmirching the name and reputation of one good man will do that movement great harm. Don’t listen to it. Don’t publish it. Don’t respond to it.

Jean Langevin

Springfield, Massachusetts

Proud (FEMINIST) grandma of two Tahoe-born boys

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