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Tahoe Tessie: Dispatch from Fiji

Editor’s note: We received the following dispatch on Friday (10 minutes before deadline!) from Tessie.

Sup, Tahomies! Tessie here, writing to you from a white sandy beach in Fiji. Since we have no snow (which is the only redeeming part of winter) I decided to escape the throngs of people skiing on grass and head out for some sun and umbrella-garnished fruity drinks on repeat.

While I roast in the sun turning from my normal shade of taupe to more of a burnt umber, send in your questions to tahoetessie@tahoedailytribune.com.

You can’t tell me you don’t have relationship issues that need sorting after that crap Christmas gift you gave your lady. Or need advice on how to hatch out a sinister plan against the raucous vacation home rental next to you.

Wish you were here! (Just kidding; it’s a total relief to be away from you all.)