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Dissecting the facts about life on the South Shore

I have lived in this beautiful community for 22 years and have worked in the media for 20 of those years. I have never maligned another medium … and will continue that policy. That having been said, a local monthly tabloid, without checking with me for verification, quoted me as saying the Tahoe Daily Tribune was going to three days a week. That is definitely not the case E period. What was most upsetting is that dozens of my fellow employees called me at home fearful about their futures. At least I now have more empathy for those who we have misquoted in the past. Our advantage is that we can rectify the mistake on a daily basis. Enough said.

Did you read that CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is now available at the airport? I was going to suggest to Mike Weber, the owner of Chase’s Restaurant, that he could now advertise “Eat here and get gas”. I don’t think Mike would go for it though. If you haven’t eaten there yet … you have to! Same with Bueno’s new place, Bert’s on Emerald Bay Road … you have to try that, too. Some great new restaurants opening up.

I just read where the Lake Tahoe Unified School District is reviewing another new math program for the elementary schools. Boy did I miss out on a business. Create new programs for schools every other year and they just keep buying them. I have four children from ages 10 to 34. I now know 16 ways to do math, 12 ways to spell and never could diagram a sentence. Forget the new ways to teach the kids, create a program where I can help them with their homework and not feel like I never went to school. No wonder our kids grow up thinking we’re so stupid, we can’t even do fifth-grade math!

Congratulations to South Shore residents Vicki Veris, Cathy Gonsalves, Rosie Lobato and Alissa Zertuche who are participating in the Avon sponsored walk for breast cancer research. Today they are starting a three-day walk from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. The Tribune donated to these women in their quest to help raise money for breast cancer charities. During the past three years the Avon 3-Day walk has raised more than $6 million.

Kudos to the organizers of the Lake Tahoe Food and Wine in the Pines, especially Steve and Penny Teshara. It was a great event and the type of event that the South Shore needs. Kudos also to the editorial staff of the Tahoe Daily Tribune when the power went out about 7 p.m. a week ago Tuesday. Tough to put a paper out when you have no power. They were cranking up generators and transferring files to my laptop to drive to our presses in Carson City. This was all happening when I arrived in my pajamas and little bunny slippers. I came down to give them moral support … which I found was tough to do in your pajamas and little bunny slippers … I think it was a credibility issue.

Elections … you have until Oct. 21 to register in El Dorado County. Remember, it’s really fun to complain about the government and politicians, but you can only really do it if you vote … so vote! And if you bring in your voting stub by Nov. 8, we’ll give you a free one-month new subscription to the Tribune.

I would, for the sake of my friends at Camp Richardson’s Resort, like to make a clarification. Some people may have gotten an impression from an article that we wrote that Camp Richardson was not allowing the Renaissance Faire back next year. In reality, the organizers of the festival wanted to expand. Unfortunately, with restrictions placed upon the resort by the Forest Service and several other factors such as parking, it would have been difficult to accomplish this at the resort. That being the case, the organizers of the event chose to relocate and are currently working with the county to do just that. Camp Rich has always welcomed community events and always will to the best of its abilities.

I got a sneak preview of the Timber Lodge by Marriott. Wait until you see it … it is absolutely beautiful! What a boon to the tourism economy here … major league stuff. With Marriott and Heavenly working together, great things will happen.

Thanks to all of you who called and those who sent a gift for my birthday last Wednesday. For those of you who didn’t, I know who you are and over the next few weeks I will be calling for an explanation. In the meantime, remember that a late gift is better than none at all. My wife, Charlene, says it’s the thought that counts … yeah, I’ll get away with that on her birthday! Ya, huh.

Paul Middlebrook is publisher of the Tahoe Tribune. He may be reached at pmiddlebrook@tahoedailytribune.com

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