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Letter: Don’t let Rep. McClintock divide us (opinion)

Congressman Tom McClintock has sent seven campaign emails since President Trump’s inauguration. Once known for putting principles over politics, his message now consistently strikes a combative tone.

Repetitive word choice reveals his theme: Tom uses “left” 19 times, usually paired with “radical” (13 times). McClintock’s language depicts constituents who don’t share his views as a threat to freedom. He also pushes his absurd narrative in media interviews and House floor speeches. His constituents navigate political differences in a respectful way in day-to-day life. McClintock’s rhetoric may play well in his D.C. circles, but he shamelessly undermines our unity and divides our communities for his own political gain.

Why is McClintock sowing distrust? He has nothing else to say. McClintock’s Republican establishment has no major accomplishments to report. Repeating his 9 years of campaign promises would only remind us of his ineffectiveness. Instead, McClintock conjures a menace to try to convince us not to blame his poor leadership for political gridlock. He plays us for fools.

Perhaps he’s gotten too comfortable in his seat, or maybe he’s genuinely worried about his popularity slipping away. Whatever the reason, his calls for our support have become increasingly pathetic. We deserve better representation.

Michael Bilodeau

El Portal, California

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