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Editorial: Realizing centralized government

After a recent breakthrough in discussions, the idea of housing the offices of our three major government entities in one building may finally become a reality. The move is a long time coming in a community that is dealing with change that challenges our future financial outlook.

Officials from the city of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County and the Lake Tahoe Unified School District are talking about creating a joint-use facility, a central location for their respective offices. Putting them in one place, in a central South Lake Tahoe location, will benefit the community and give government greater flexibility to solve future financial problems.

It is no secret South Tahoe is changing. The flight of full-time residents is growing on an exponential curve, and former residents are taking their children and tax dollars. In the meantime, costs continue to soar for city and county services, as well as education, because of the same inflation that affects business – health care costs for employees is exceeding inflation, natural resources are more expensive than ever, construction costs are on the rise.

The changing demographics of our community have implications that will resonate for decades. Schools will shrink, along with school staffs, and services designed for neighborhoods filled with residents will have to be tailored to neighborhoods filled with empty homes. Construction in the Lake Tahoe Basin is also closing in on “build-out.” Government planning departments will have to adjust to the changes.

The idea of government and school bureaucracy in one location promotes efficiency. Where they can share resources, it will save taxpayers money. In the end, hopefully, taxpayers will get more for their money. Seeing our government leaders collaborate on this key component of South Tahoe’s future is encouraging. Now let’s make sure they follow through and make it happen.