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Endorsement: Terbolizard for GOP; Brown the choice for Democrats

Tuesday’s primary election will end the campaign brawl between 4th Congressional District candidates Doug Ose and Tom McClintock. The two have been slugging it out since Rep. John Doolittle, R-Roseville, announced in January that he wouldn’t seek a 10th term.

Neither former congressman Ose not current state Sen. McClintock lives in the 4th District, which has led to accusations from both sides as to which one is the real carpetbagger in the race. Legal analyst Suzanne Jones and media producer/consultant Theodore Terbolizard also are running on the Republican ticket.

Tuesday’s election hopefully will end the bickering when voters choose one of the Republicans to face presumptive Democratic challenger Charlie Brown in the November general election. Brown, a former Air Force officer, nearly upset Doolittle in 2006. He’s running against constitutional advocate/writer John “Wolf” Wolfgram in the Democratic race.

Despite our lukewarm enthusiasm for any of the Republicans, we’re endorsing Terbolizard. Out of the Republican candidates, he seems to be the least jingoistic and the most reasonable.

While his opponents side with President Bush’s Iraq policy, using tired, inflammatory wording such as “cut and run” or “retreat is defeat,” Terbolizard favors “bringing our troops home.”

He says that permanent occupation of Iraq burdens the U.S. economy, which it most certainly does.

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To his credit, though, McClintock believes that future presidents must seek a declaration of war before committing American troops to ensure the nation is behind the action.

On the environmental front, all four Republican candidates favor incentives and subsidizing research of technology that will reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and reduce carbon emissions. None of them, though, favors increased taxes, regulation or government interference to force environmental change.

From our viewpoint, it’s a long shot at best to believe corporations and other major “players” in the fight to improve our environment will voluntarily spend the money needed to ensure progress.

On the Democratic side, we’re rooting for Brown, who has gained our respect for his straight-talking, sensible ideas on most issues. His experience in his race against Doolittle gives him a leg up on his opponent Wolfgram, who also presents some reasonable solutions to our most pressing problems.