Get Silly with Slap Happy |

Get Silly with Slap Happy

Gary Kank

Imagine having to get out of Reno to play a show in the Bay area during a blizzard. Welcome to a day in the life of Reno alternative rock band, Slap Happy.

After loading your equipment (yourself), you strap on the chains to your SUV and head for the hills. About half way through Donner Pass the rusty buggers break off and thrash the front end of your ride. Your wet, cold and a bit dejected – but oh well, gotta get to the gig.

Arriving at the venue you load out (once again by yourself) and notice your guitar is broken, thank god for that back up you packed. Only one problem, the back up rig breaks down about halfway through the set. Arrrhhh!

Miraculously, another guitar is provided by a faithful fan. The show goes on. Before you know it, it’s 1 a.m. and after loading all your equipment, your back in the SUV truckin’ up 1-80 towards your bed. Unfortunately, somewhere between Concord and Davis, your car, like your guitar dies. Damn! A tow truck and a few Red Bulls later, you finally make it home.

“It’s hard to believe that all happened in one day,” guitarist Brian Stoudt said. “It’s too bad we didn’t have the video camera charged up, that would’ve been a classic piece of tape.”

Slap Happy, who have been together over a year, are now a staple in the Reno scene. The band made up of Stoudt, drummer Brian Walden, and bassist Nate Pearson play a hard edge alternative music.

“If Nirvana and Tool had a baby that would probably be us.” Stoudt said.

The trio comes from different musical backgrounds, with influences ranging from head banging metal to cool jazz.

“We couldn’t disagree more in musical tastes,” Stoudt said. “We all have individual styles but for whatever reason it clicks, and we make a new kind of rock.”

The band released their debut album, “Baby Boom,” last year which they feel was a good effort. But they are looking to get back in the studio in May.

“We’re putting that one (Baby Boom) in the closet and getting ready to start fresh,” Stoudt said. “All the new stuff we have is a lot more intricate and musically thought out. This next release will be a lot tighter.”

Slap Happy is making a name for themselves in Reno but are looking to get more gigs elsewhere. Tentative plans call for a two week tour over the summer to clubs throughout the West.

“We’ve worked Reno hard core, and we are trying to do the same thing by getting out of town. Pretty much its play, play, play and get your name out, that’s the name of the game.

Breakout Box:

What: Slap Happy

Where: Hoss Hoggs

When: Friday, 10 p.m.

Tickets: $4

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