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Bruce Grego
Bruce Grego

Thank you for this opportunity to express my views and the factors that make me a viable candidate for the City Council of South Lake Tahoe.

Before discussing my viability … what are my objectives on the City Council? I want to see our city evolve with greater and greater emphasis on recreational activities for tourists and locals alike. The completion of the 56 acre project. The further expansion of community parks. We need to resurface our local roads. We need to assure that the City performs its primary functions of police, fire and snow removal. We must assure the full enforcement of all vacation rental ordinances, recognizing that the primary purpose of our neighborhoods is for the use of our residents and children, first. If any redevelopment takes place in our Community, it must be used to assist the improvement of small businesses and homes. And most importantly stop the City from making costly mistakes such as the “Hole” and the recent parking meter program.

Do you like where we live? I do. I have resided in our city since 1967. After passing the Bar in 1980, I began practicing law in South Lake Tahoe. In the 70s, I was member of a city planning committee known as the “20-20” Committee (planning for Tahoe for the next twenty years), and in the ‘80s I served on the City of South Lake Tahoe Planning Commission. I filled a vacancy in 1989 on the City Council for about nine months. In 2008, I was elected to the City Council and my term expired in 2012. In late 2013 and 2014, I actively participated with Tahoe4Tahoe in promoting the petition to end paid parking…and supported measure P. I have lived though many periods in our community. I was here when gaming was King. I was here when we saw a continuing decline of our local economy. I have operated my office as an attorney for 34 years and continue to do so. I am witness to the removal of many small businesses in our community as the result of redevelopment programs and the careless use of eminent domain.

There is a saying that those that forget the past are bound to repeat it. I have a certain institutional history about our community. I have seen what has been successful and what has failed.

We stand at a cross-road concerning the future of our Community.

Just recently, Governor Brown signed new bills reinstating redevelopment [see article at http://www.publicceo.com/2014/10/gov-brown-rebuilds-redevelopment/%5D. We see the Nevada based Chamber clamoring for the Loop Road, and along with it, the destruction of more small businesses and homes. With the passage of new redevelopment legislation, we again will begin facing special interest pressures to further develop our City into a Corporate town-model.

I want to provide strong leadership to preserve the character of our City, looking forward to increasing our economic vitality, and protecting our environment and the people that live in it.”

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