Guest column: City officials ignore South Lake Tahoe residents (opinion) |

Guest column: City officials ignore South Lake Tahoe residents (opinion)

Scott Ramirez
Guest Column

The city of South Lake Tahoe continues to ignore local residents.

This conclusion is inescapable given the actions (or inaction) by city officials on myriad issues. Measure T passed and yet the city is “negotiating” the results of a law that was voted for and passed by the voters.

The city is using the litigation against this voter approved measure as leverage to weasel out of enacting changes the majority of voters approved. The outcome of this election should not be any more debatable than the outcome of the election of the city officials themselves. One may not like the results of an election but those results are final until new rules negate the outcome.

City officials should be more honest and simply and plainly state that they are unwilling to defend this voter-approved measure.

The same conclusion is easily reached regarding the Loop Road II Project. The city could save themselves and the taxpayers a bunch of pointless meetings to convince us to accept an issue we have already voted on and already clearly stated a majority of opposition too, the Loop Road II Project.

Instead, we are being offered a series of meetings to discuss this project to convince us to change our minds on a project started in the late 1980s. One might think that nearly 40 years of planning might result in a project that is completed as planned.

No such luck, we are being asked to completely revise this project for the sole purpose of gutting local small businesses and low income homes for the betterment of Nevada interests at the cost to, primarily, California taxpayers. This is more hogwash presented to placate us while our views continue to be ignored and the project is crammed down our throats.

To continue this tradition of ignoring local residents, we have heard nothing about SnowGlobe and the plans going forward. SnowGlobe has sold all of their early tickets for this event and yet no contract has been signed or agreed to.

The playfields appear to be a vast expanse of dead grass which we are told the city views as being in great shape while the neighboring fields are already in use and have healthy grass to use. Meanwhile, El Dorado County flatly ignored the complaints made by county residents. It remains to be seen if the TRPA will enforce any of the requirements they have ignored for eight years on this event (this includes traffic planning, review of temporary buildings, environmental impacts of 20,000 people on our fields, etc.).

Residents in the neighborhoods nearest the event may have the option to stay out of town and commute to their jobs but will not likely see peace in their own homes during this event anytime soon, assuming it is rubber-stamped to continue.

Plainly, the needs or concerns of local residents may as well be on Mars as far as our city is concerned.

I implore the current crop of city officials to remember who voted them in and who they serve. We all understand that business interests need to be addressed. But when business interests are consistently pushed forward at the expense of local residents, don’t be surprised if you are voted out of office at the next election.

Your intentions may be good but you still need to listen to the voters, even if you disagree with us, if you want to keep your seat. Focus on our core services like our roads and phenomenal emergency services groups and stop playing politics with Stateline.

Nevada didn’t vote you in, the residents of the city of South Lake Tahoe did.

Scott Ramirez is a South Lake Tahoe resident.

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