Guest column: Female empowerment and collaboration in Lake Tahoe |

Guest column: Female empowerment and collaboration in Lake Tahoe

Valerie Lomeli
Guest Column

I am thankful to be alive right now for so many reasons, but a major one is I am surrounded by women who have a genuine interest in getting to know me, see my potential, build me up, and truly want to see me succeed. That’s an incredibly empowering feeling!

This all started at a young age for me with a mom who is one of the strongest people I know. I moved from L.A. to San Francisco to pursue a career in real estate where I was mentored by some seriously impressive women, who I am thankful to still call friends. This really launched my career by proving I could learn new skills and gave me a base of professionals I could look up to.

After five years in S.F. I moved to Tahoe to work in tourism so I could be closer to the mountains and lake. I have the luxury of telling the Tahoe story to encourage others to visit and experience this beautiful place we live and play in. I am impressed there are so many powerful women in leadership roles within this industry. These women are deeply inspirational, and I am thankful to call a few my mentors.

I also work closely with the action sports industry where there are a lot of tenacious entrepreneurial women who are really making a name for themselves by innovating, pushing boundaries and fearlessly taking charge. I love the networking events that allow us to all get together, share information, have a voice and grow.

I really believe we all benefit when we share and collaborate. This is something I try to do as much of as possible and look forward to growing my base of friends and colleagues so we all thrive! Much love to all the women out there crushing it!