Guest column: Tahoe Chamber announces endorsements for upcoming election (opinion) |

Guest column: Tahoe Chamber announces endorsements for upcoming election (opinion)

Steve Teshara

At a special board meeting held Friday, Oct. 5, the Board of the Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce considered and approved its endorsements for the November general election.

For detailed information about our endorsements, visit the home page of our website to view our 2018 General Election Voters Guide.

For South Lake Tahoe City Council

Devin Middlebrook

Born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, Devin is a recognized leader among the new generation of leaders in our community. He has done his homework on the issues and challenges facing the city and our broader community. He will bring a fresh energy and sense of hope for the future to his seat on the council.

Hal Cole

Hal previously served on the City Council during some of the city’s most productive years, including during the construction of major redevelopment projects. His current goals are to help bring stability, effective leadership and teamwork back as a hallmark of the city, with an emphasis on better roads, improved recreation and continued community revitalization.

Wendy David

Wendy is a champion for families, education and improved social services. Her long-term vision is one that addresses housing and transit, funds better roads, sees the new recreation center constructed, and continues the city’s work with partners toward greater economic vibrancy and environmental sustainability.

El Dorado County District 5 Supervisor

Sue Novasel

Incumbent Sue Novasel gets our support. She has worked hard for four years to build relationships and networks throughout the county. She is an active champion for the Meyers Advisory Council, strategies to reduce peak traffic congestion in the Meyers area, tightened restrictions on VHRs in the county, and supports improved county-city relations.

South Tahoe Public Utility District Board of Directors

Nick Exline

Nick is a can-do young professional, currently serving as the volunteer chair of the city of South Lake Tahoe’s 100% Renewable Committee. He is the founder of the Tahoe Climate Action Network and an alumnus of the Tahoe Chamber Leadership Lake Tahoe program. He will bring new ideas to the STPUD board, with a commitment to achieving significant cost savings for ratepayers through the use of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Douglas County Commissioner District 4

Wesley Rice

Tahoe Chamber supported Wes in the June primary and we support him again in the general election. He spent 15 years as the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office senior patrol board deputy on Lake Tahoe (Marine 7) earning several commendations. He currently serves as a deputy constable for the Tahoe Township Justice Court. He is an elected trustee of the Round Hill General Improvement District and a member of the Board of the Douglas County Lake Tahoe Sewer Authority.

NO on Measure T – City of South Lake Tahoe

Measure T will ban most vacation rentals in the city. The ban will trigger an estimated $100 million decrease in visitor spending, with an annual hit of $3 million to the city’s budget in transient occupancy tax (TOT) revenues alone. This hit will translate to a reduction in the city’s workforce — the people you and I know who provide vital city services, such as law enforcement, fire-rescue and snow removal. Faced with a major reduction in visitor spending, many businesses will have little choice but to reduce the number of jobs they support.

Lake Tahoe has always been a welcoming destination for travelers. Most of us here today came first as a visitor. We recognize there have been impacts from VHR abuses. Data shows, however, that since the City Council adopted tighter regulations and stepped up enforcement last December, abuses and complaints are down significantly. Enforcement is the key, not a ban that takes such an economic and human toll.

YES on Measure J – El Dorado County

Measure J is a proposed 2 percent increase in the transient occupancy tax (TOT) charged in unincorporated areas of the county, from 10 to 12 percent. Funds raised will help support veterans’ programs and various county services, including law enforcement, public safety, health services, county parks and recreation, and the promotion of El Dorado County’s wineries, historic sites and other unique attractions.

NO on Douglas County Advisory Question 1

This advisory question asks “Shall the Douglas County Board of Commissioners implement an increase in the existing tax on the privilege of new real property development in the county up to the maximum allowed by state law for the purpose of funding road construction and maintenance project costs or bonds?” The cost of road construction and maintenance is a broader responsibility than simply increasing the tax on new development.

California State Propositions

Tahoe Chamber endorses a NO vote on Proposition 6, and YES votes on Propositions 1, 2 and 3.

Steve Teshara is the CEO of the Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce (Tahoe Chamber).

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