Guest View: Council candidate explains his decision to drop out of the race |

Guest View: Council candidate explains his decision to drop out of the race

John Spinola

So I sit here and think about what I am really doing, what I am really up against, what I am really in for and what I might inherit. I really take a hard look at it. …

I finally come to the conclusion that I should not run for City Council. I have many reasons for this:

1. I am of the notion that if you can’t do something right, you should not do it all. After evaluating my time commitments (wife, child, dog, home, business, playtime, sleep), I don’t feel that I have the time to do this correctly. At first, I figured about 10 to 15 hours a week. It looks like to really get involved would be 20 to 25 hours, if not more. Probably more. I can barely keep up as a candidate. It probably gets worse.

2. I will freely admit that I don’t have the mental capacity to read all that lawyer/politician wording and figure out what it says. I’m a simple guy with a simple thought process.

3. My son is 3, and I should be there as much as possible at this time. Yes, I know it sounds cliche, but now is the time for Dad to have his influence. I have come to the conclusion that I would rather be a better dad than a “newbie politician.”

4. After spending approximately three weeks of digging into local government and its procedures, I have come to the conclusion that I really prefer private industry.

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5. I think I would have to be crazy to step into this mess at this point. I think some big mistakes were made over the last few years (my opinion), and for me to jump into the hot seat for the next four years just doesn’t add up.

6. People are really upset with all levels of government. I don’t want to be the focal point of that.

7. I just got that gut feeling that I just shouldn’t run for City Council. I’m old enough to know that I should listen to that feeling when it shows up.

I will say that the past three weeks have been very enlightening, and it has stirred an interest to become more informed and involved.

I would really like to thank all who signed my nomination papers and all the people who gave words of encouragement. I had no idea so many people thought I was somewhat intelligent. I’m sorry for not following through.

I have been told that I cannot remove my name from the ballot after the filing period. I would kindly ask that when you see my name on Nov. 4, please do NOT vote for me.

I would like to personally thank City Clerk Suzie Alessi for all your time with my questions and e-mails. Your responses were always very timely. It didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. You are an asset to the city, from my experience.

Thanks to all.

– John Spinola lives in South Lake Tahoe. He is co-owner of A Couple’s Choice, a small business that offers ministry and photography services for weddings.