Guest View: ‘Extravaganza’ could draw tourists to Lake Tahoe during slow months |

Guest View: ‘Extravaganza’ could draw tourists to Lake Tahoe during slow months

Dan Denny

When my wife and I moved here 30 years ago, Tahoe was filled with buses from all over. Now, we seldom see one. We lost those busloads of visitors to Reno and elsewhere because promotions here became almost nonexistent.

We need a good shot in the arm to help our stagnant economy. When business is good here, it isn’t “really good.”

We all love Tahoe, and it hurts to see it decline (i.e., businesses and schools closing and, unfortunately, families having to move away).

My suggestion is what if we promoted something new for these slower months? It could be called “Lake Tahoe’s Spring and Fall Extravaganza.”

Hotels, motels, restaurants and shops all participating in the Extravaganza could offer exceptionally generous and appealing discounts and coupons – enough to make the journey here worthwhile. Each business would determine what they can live with.

Extensive advertising should be made to promote this idea. Who better than our Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority? They have the know-how and financing to promote the Extravaganza here and worldwide. There would be no expenses to hurting businesses. Let one entity do the advertising for all of them.

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Just sign up. The only requirement is that an Extravaganza member sign be placed in their window. Signs could be made available to participants, or they may wish to make their own. The signs could also attract local foot traffic.

Too much emphasis has been placed on convention centers. Very little attention is given to the family-owned businesses and franchises. These businesses are the backbone of our city. South Lake Tahoe should be made an affordable destination for vacationers or one-day visitors. This plan would cover all of our area from Meyers to Round Hill.

My thought is that some smaller profit is better than no profit at all. Lake Tahoe is known for its beauty, but let’s make it affordable, too.

I can imagine curious potential customers asking, “What does this Extravaganza mean at Lake Tahoe? Let’s go see.”

We won’t disappoint them.

– Dan Denny, 84, is a longtime South Lake Tahoe resident.