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Hezbollah terrorism must be controlled

Evan Williams

The Tahoe Tribune’s July 31 headline screamed, “Israeli attack kills 57, mostly children.” It is an accurate statement, however, nowhere in the Washington Post piece does it mention the Israeli explanation that rockets had just been fired from the immediate vicinity of the bombed structure; in fact, Israeli surveillance drone footage appears to verify this claim.

Curiously, I have yet to see the emblazoned headline, “Hezbollah targets Israeli civilians, women and children” or “Hezbollah preventing civilians from fleeing Southern Lebanon, wants to use them as human shields.” After the same tactics of firing rockets next to a U.N. outpost resulted in the destruction of that outpost and the deaths of four U.N. observers, even the feckless U.N. official, Jan Egelund, stated, “… my message was that Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending … among women and children.”

War is hell, but civilized societies have established rules for even that. Hezbollah shuns those norms in favor of terrorist tactics that have no regard for any life whatsoever, even their own families and neighbors. Hezbollah “fighters” (sans uniforms) back a truck out of their garage, fire off a few missiles targeted at Israeli civilians and then pull the truck back in. When the IDF bombs that garage and the house attached to it (wherein the family of that rocketeer trembles in fear) we hear cries of “Atrocities!” and “War crimes!” Whose fault is it that innocents die? Who is committing the war crimes? Who initiated this conflict by crossing the Israeli border, attacking an outpost, murdering eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two, and then indiscriminately rocketing Israeli cities?

The fact is that the good people of Lebanon have allowed, even cultivated, a noxious weed to sprout in their midst. Iranian Revolutionary Guards initiated the terrorist organization Hezbollah in the 1980s and continue to sponsor them; and the region’s other primary state sponsor of terror, Syria, supplies and facilitates their operation while protecting Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in Damascus. This ugly weed has flourished in Lebanon to the point where it pervades even the capital, Beirut, and its deluded citizens now gaze upon it as a beautiful flower. As does Israel, we know otherwise. Until 9/11, Hezbollah had been responsible for the murder of more Americans than any other terrorist organization.

The current situation in northern and southern Israel was, and remains, inevitable. Even though Israel had withdrawn from the Gaza strip last year, and southern Lebanon years ago, radical Muslims will never be content until they “… wipe Israel off the map.” Israel has now learned that you cannot “trade land for peace” with people who do not want peace, and Islamofascists do not seek coexistence or harmony, but rather world domination … and, oh yeah … “Death to Israel, death to America!”

To radical Muslims, Israel is an enigmatic foe they simply cannot resist punching, no matter how dire the consequences. Israel’s Islamic neighbors always seem to get the worst of a tangle with the Jewish state, yet they foolishly continue to attack. They are incapable of stifling themselves or learning from their mistakes because they do not function at a logical level. They are driven solely by emotion, by the fiery rage of anti-Semitism, and are thus single-mindedly consumed with the ultimate goal of the destruction of Israel.

We are in World War 3, and Israel, our ally, is a primary objective for our common enemy, radical Islam, and its culture of hatred and death. It is indeed tragic that when Israel must defend itself against the evil and noxious weed called Hezbollah countless other innocuous plants fall under the sharp scythe, but Lebanon has no one to blame but itself; it should have tended to its own garden years ago. The message that needs constant reinforcement is if you harbor terrorists in your midst you are equally culpable for their actions, and you will likely share in the violent and just retribution against them.

I highly recommend the documentary film, “Obsession”; it should be required viewing for all Western civilization. However, fair warning, it may cause you some disturbed sleep. It can be viewed online visiting http://video.google.com, and searching for “Obsession.”

– Evan Williams is a regular contributor to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is a South Lake Tahoe resident and business owner.

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