Incensed so-called locals at Lake Tahoe have more input, voting ability (Opinion) |

Incensed so-called locals at Lake Tahoe have more input, voting ability (Opinion)

Dear Editor:

We have owned our home in South Lake Tahoe for 18 years. Back then there were few if any issues with VHRs that I was aware of.

In the last 18 years we have paid tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to SLT in taxes and store and restaurant revenues by ourselves and rental guests. Much more than most local owners and long-term resident renters.

We use our home for personal use 4-6 months out of every year. We consider ourselves locals but can’t vote that way.

We have numerous neighbors who have lived in SLT for 3-6 months to maybe a few years but they call themselves local and can vote. They haven’t paid but a miniscule amount of revenue that we have contributed to the SLT government business coffers over the last decades or been involved in the numerous local activities we have.

I’m incensed that these so-called locals have more input and voting ability than I do. I’m also incensed that the SLT City Council hasn’t performed and lived up to the required duties of their job.

These 8-10-20-bedroom houses are not homes. They are mini-hotels and the crux of this whole issue. Where were the rules and regs to control this asinine development in the middle of residential areas. If not on the books already, why didn’t the City Council step up and regulate their growth? This is dereliction of duty in my book.

In 18 years of renting our home as a VHR, we have never had one complaint. I believe most VHR home owners fall into the same category that we do. They have paid and contributed hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to the SLT economy.

We feel that we are a very vital and valued member of the SLT community but not viewed that way and very incorrectly I may add. Six- or 12-month resident locals do not and should not have more input into our community than I do. It is not right in any way, shape or form.

Control and limit and regulate these stupid mega-homes and I believe we can achieve a more copacetic and agreeable compromise.

Vacation home rentals work for so many reasons if regulated and controlled properly.


Mike Flanagan

South Lake Tahoe / Ojai, California

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