Incline lesson (revisited 1 more time) |

Incline lesson (revisited 1 more time)

On June 18, the Tahoe Daily Tribune (TDT) published an opinion editorial by Jim Clark with the same title as this posting.

Jim sought to explain the historical basis of the political divide within our community that manifests itself in never-ending arguments about spending priorities and beach rights, frivolous lawsuits and dismissed ethics complaints.

He framed the upcoming IVGID Board of Trustees election as a decision on how to settle these issues that divide us.

Since that time, there have been a series of TDT letters to the editor as well as posts on Facebook, Next Door and candidate blogs.

Beginning on June 29 (TDT page 16), Sara Schmitz accused Clark of “breeding discord over unity” and went on to exacerbate the very discord she asserts doesn’t exist by exaggerating a set of grievances of a small minority in the community and claiming they are “facts,” something that has become the hallmark of her campaign.

Bruce Simonian and Chuck Otto wrote letters to the editor on July 13 (TDT page 11) and July 20 (TDT page 28), respectively, providing carefully researched actual facts to refute Schmitz’ campaign “facts.”

Schmitz then posted claims on her campaign blog (see New Facts or Non-Facts?) that:

“Mr. Simonian and Mr. Otto’s articles were stating facts yet, based on my reading and research, they are not.

I have called the Publisher of the paper asking for the references for these two articles. Either there are new found facts which I will be happy to read or they are propagating misinformation.”

“UPDATE: They printed a retraction on Mr. Otto’s article and allowed a resident to correct Mr. Simonian’s article. We need correct information so voters can make educated decisions in November.”

Neither of the assertions in her UPDATE is correct: Otto’s article was not “retracted,” and Otto and Simonian provided evidence to the publisher as to the accuracy of their facts as originally stated. Subsequent to posting a “clarification” to Otto’s letter, the TDT editor acknowledged that he would “be reporting on the Supreme Court decision” that favorably resolved the substance of the “clarification.”

More recently, on Aug. 3, Yolanda Knaak wrote a letter to the editor (TDT page 18), attempting to come to Schmitz’ defense using the same previously disproven “facts” asserted by Schmitz, herself.

Most telling of all, none of the original facts in Jim Clark’s opinion editorial have been disproven by Schmitz or Knaak. Jim Clark was correct, “When you vote this November you will have to decide” whether you are for or against people like Sara Schmitz who are unable to reliably deal in facts.

Joe Wolfe

Incline Village, Nevada

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