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Letter: Interview with Zephyr Cove beachcomber (opinion)

In visiting Zephyr Cove, we noticed a person who came to the beach each day and would stroll the length of the beach and clean and pick up trash.

I thought it might be interesting to ask him some questions.

My questions and his answers follow:

Q: How long have you been beachcombing?

A: Since the 4th of July weekend.

Q: Do you come every day?

A: Yes

Q: What drives you to come each day?

A: This is a resort I’ve been coming to for over 60 years and, see that boulder there? I was married there in June 1979. So you can see, this is my beach. I have a lot of pride in this beach and want to share a clean beach with everyone to go along with this beautiful view.

Q: Have you found any money or valuables?

A: No. That is left for our squad of guests that come to the beach each day with their metal detectors.

Q: What is it that you pick up the most?

A: Bottle caps, straws and cigarette butts.

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve found on the beach?

A: One Timex watch – broken, one unused prophylactic and one soiled. (The Blues Brothers – 1980).

Q: What items do you enjoy getting off the beach?

A: Broken glass

Q: Do you ever find toys on the beach?

A: Yes. I clean them and put them on a bench at the beach so they might live again with another child.

Q: Clothes?

A: Yes. Usually one sock, shoe or flip flop.

Q: Towels?

A: Yes. Zephyr Cove has a really nice program where these are donated to a dog rescue.

Q: What do you do with holes or the previous days “sand castles”?

A: I will fill in the holes and flatted the “castles” so that the new young artists that come that day have a clean “canvas” which to create.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add.

A: This is a very special place. It is our job to maintain, enhance and pass on to the next generation. To breathe the same air as the angels, you must come to Tahoe! (Mark Twain)

Stephanie Barile

Nashville, Tennessee

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