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Kudo: Habitat for Humanity volunteers commended for selfless giving

I have lived in South Lake Tahoe for 35 years, and I love my community. What makes it special for me are the many wonderful people who I have met here.

I had to retire after 26 years at my last job because of a back injury. I experienced depression because I became unable to do the things I once was able to do when I was healthier. That depression has been removed in large part due to Habitat for Humanity and its caring group of volunteers who give their time to help others.

They brought tears to my eyes as they freely give without a thought of receiving anything in return. Many of them have ailments of their own, but instead of complaining they bring hope to others.

We can all learn from their selflessness; I know I have. This world is a better place because of their efforts. They do not seek glory for themselves. Their happiness comes from within.

My hope is that I can share their compassion and develop this attitude of giving.

As a recovering alcoholic it encourages me to continue to pursue a career in drug and alcohol counseling to help those who still suffer.

I have been shown what it takes to be a better person from these awesome people from Habitat for Humanity.

Michael Schacher

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.