Lake Tahoe is a big blue world of fun |

Lake Tahoe is a big blue world of fun

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Las Vegas has the Strip and not much more. Reno has casinos and views of the Sierra. Atlantic City has a boardwalk. Lake Tahoe is the complete package.

We have something that no other destination can claim — the Jewel of the Sierra. It is the lake which keeps drawing people here. We are glad that the marketing gurus finally figured this out.

“Lake Tahoe — Step into the Blue” will be the theme in national publications as well as targeted to markets like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas. This is the multi-million dollar advertising campaign that the tourist industry is banking on to lure destination visitors to Lake Tahoe. Although the idea is to have people booking rooms at the South Shore and depositing their cash into the tills of our retailers, the theme really is about all of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority contracted with Mering and Associates of Sacramento to devise a campaign like none before it. There will be no gaming or skiing in the ads. They are yesterday’s news when it comes to advertising. It was time for a fresh approach and that’s what we have.

A series of print ads will show up later this month in magazines like Sunset, Bon Appetite and Conde Nast Traveler. One is family oriented, another a bit seductive, a couple are playful. There will be 73 million images reproduced to beckon people to our oasis in the Sierra Nevada.

Blue will be popping up on AOL to entice online users. Blue will be on television in Los Angeles — after all, those southlanders are our fly and drive market. An eight-page insert filled with advertorial copy will go into newspapers.

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We welcome the innovation. Something bold needed to be done. This will ideally be the catalyst to spur our tourist economy, which of course will be a boon to all businesses. Businesses of all sizes are being encouraged to embrace this new blue world; to incorporate it into their promotions.

Dave Mering and his cohorts came up with the idea that “Lake Tahoe is like going to another planet or universe — that’s why we came up with Blue World.”

His vision is that Lake Tahoe will be one of a half-dozen destinations that rolls off the tongues of travelers when they are planning their vacation. Lake Tahoe and Yosemite will be revered in the same light.

This is a lofty goal we hope will be actualized. Yosemite might have some granite wonders, but we have a lake that stands out against all others.

There is even talk of partnering with the likes of Pepsi and combining the blues of the cola advertising campaign with the blue Lake Tahoe ads.

A blue Tahoe is not a quick fix to our sagging economy. The pay off may not be realized for a couple years. But now is the time to plant the seed in people’s minds that Lake Tahoe is the place to be. There is fun to be had indoors and out, active and passive pleasures — but above all else there is a lake that has hues of blue that test a writer’s descriptive capabilities.

Blue will be with us for years to come. This radical departure from traditional ads boasting South Shore’s wonders is just what we needed.

A Web site will be launched so people can get all the details they want on Lake Tahoe —