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To the editor:

I just sat down after eight hours of work and picking up my and two neighbors’ garbage as a result of a big bad bear attacking the neighborhood garbage. This is Monday night; our trash does not get picked up until Wednesday. Unfortunately, the two neighbors’ houses that I picked up the trash for are vacation rentals. They usually spend the weekend (Friday through Sunday). This means that their trash is out from Sunday until Wednesday, ample time for any predator to attack their trash. My trash is behind my fenced yard. The bear last night had no problem tearing my gate and part of my fence down. I don’t have a problem with that, I will just repair it, hoping that the hungry big guy won’t do it again. There are no guaranties when you’re dealing with nature.

My suggestion to help prevent the bear and other predators from attacking our garbage is to have bear-proof trash containers. To my understanding, these containers are $500 or more, if purchased individually – far too much for the average household to pay. My suggestion is that if the South Tahoe Refuse Company could find a supplier that would sell containers to them at a more realistic price, if they buy in bulk. The refuse company then could incorporate the price of the container into the customer’s monthly bill until the container is paid for. This could also be billed according to the customer’s monthly income so that it could be affordable to all Tahoe residents.

This would not only help the wonderful wildlife and domestic animals that share Lake Tahoe, but the residents and tourists as well. This would be a giant step toward people of Tahoe living with nature, and just think, the South Tahoe Refuse Company would be responsible for the whole thing.

I worry about wildlife sharing Tahoe with humans. It seems that we are always in their way and disrupting their way of life. I care for the wildlife in the Tahoe Basin.

Roger Letendre

South Lake Tahoe

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